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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 3
Fri Apr 6, 2018 12:31

Chapter 3 – Michael's Punishment

Cheryl ordered Michael, “Downstairs, NOW!” as she got up off the bed and started for the door. Michael didn't move, he was still in shock over the situation and crying,

“Mom, you can't do this to me, it's not fair!”

Amanda snapped a few photos, even a few closeups of his boner.

“I'm not doing this to you, you did it to yourself young man. There are consequences for your actions and your going to get a full dose of that! Now get moving or I start swinging!” She was still holding his belt. She took a swing and landed it right across his butt, not hard but enough to startle him. He dropped his arms down and turned to leave the room.

“Huh uhh, put your hands back behind your head!”

Michael complied. He started walking with his boner bouncing, leading the way. Amanda hadn't taken her eyes off of it up to now, but she followed behind her mother as they all three walked out of the bedroom, down the hall and down the stairs. As they got to the bottom of the stairs, there was a knock at the door and someone was trying the knob. It was locked. Amanda ran and unlocked the door. Stacy entered, out of breath from running from next door. She immediately got wide eyed as she was staring at a naked Michael being led to the kitchen.

As they entered the kitchen, Cheryl spoke up “Right there in the corner young man.”

Michael moved to the corner. He was still sniffling but had stopped crying. He faced the corner. “Can I put my arms down, they're starting to hurt.”

“Yes, and you can turn around and face the table. I want your hands at your side, touching you legs or behind your head. If you try to cover up what so ever, you will get a spanking.”


“No 'buts'” his mother interrupted, “You did this. Maybe a little embarrassment will prevent it in the future.”

Michael let out a couple of cries, maybe more like whimpers. He turned around for his audience of 3. He still had a raging boner. The 3 women took seats on the other side of the table so they were staring right at him. Amanda snapped a few more photos, trying to be discreet.

“So girls, I have been thinking about what to do with him. Before I tell you both my thoughts, did either of you have any thoughts.”

Stacy spoke up 1st, “So how long has this perv been peeking at me and who else has he told? Did you take any pictures? or video? I want to know how bad this is! I am so mad I could just beat the hell out of you!”

“No, I promise, I didn't take any pictures or anything. And I never saw anything. I mean, I saw you in your underwear but never naked. Not like this at all! It's not fair! I shouldn't be naked.”

Stacey, being the confidant girl she is after having control over her older brothers, got up and walked around the table. “Your lucky this is all that's happened so far. Your in big trouble mister! You'll take what ever punishment we give you and be grateful we don't call my parents over to discuss the situation, and the police. You probably have been peeping all over the neighborhood. Sneaking around. I bet every girl around here has been violated. Maybe we should have them all come over and ask them!”

Cheryl smirked. She was both surprised and humored.

“No, please don't! I promise, I haven't been sneaking around and peeping or any of that! I promise. Please don't make this worse!” Michael was back to crying.

“Oh, shut up you baby...” Stacy admonished him. Cheryl Miller interrupted her, “OK Stacy, take a seat. Calm down. We need to talk this through and have clear heads so we keep this 'Fair'” she said with a little sarcasm and maybe a giggle in her voice. Stacy moved back and took a seat.

Michael at this point started to lose his erection. He was still crying gently and staring at the floor. He didn't like making eye contact with the ladies only to see them staring mostly at his penis.

“So I had a few ideas” Ms Miller said. “First, Michael is spending the rest of the day naked. You girls are welcome to do your training over here. Michael is available for any of the demonstrations you need to make Stacy, and I do mean 'Any'. “

“Next, Michael, you will clean your room, take your laundry down to the laundry room in the basement, and help wash the clothes. You will sit at the kitchen table and do your homework. You will only get up to use the bathroom or when we tell you to do something. When you do use the bathroom, you will ask permission 1st, and you will leave the door open. Don't want any more beating off without permission.”

“But Mom” chimed in Amanda, “Jenny was going to come over after lunch. What do I tell her? I want to spend time with her but I don't want to leave and miss anything.”

“It's not your fault or Jenny's that Michael is in this position. We need to remember it's his fault. Jenny can still come over. Michael will have to deal with it. I will call her mother and explain the situation to her. I am sure she won't object to the punishment we are doling out. She thinks the boys around here get away with way too much. She hates the way her daughters are treated.”

“But...” Michael started.

“You just shut up and do as your told! I wasn't talking to you. You only speak when we ask a question or when you need to go to the bathroom. You will do what ever the 3 of us tell you immediately when we tell you and no talking back. Now, as I was saying, after lunch I plan on having the sex talk with Michael and Amanda. Apparently it's way over due. Your welcome to stay Stacy and so is Jenny. I may even invite a few other people, I don't know.”

Michael began whimpering louder. He acted embarrassed, but his penis was starting to go back to erect, giving the impression that he was excited by the whole thing.

“I think the little perv likes the idea” said Stacy as she pointed at the impending boner. The 3 females laughed. “Perv!” she added looking him in the eye and then back down at his rapidly rising penis.

“OK, so how bout I start some breakfast. You girls get started with your babysitting training. Michael, you just stay right there!” With that, Cheryl started getting stuff out to cook breakfast. Amanda went and got her notebook and camera.

“I'll be right back” said Stacy.

“Where are you going?” asked Ms Miller, even though she was pretty sure she knew.

“To get the CPR baby to use for practice” replied Stacy.

“Why don't you use Michael. I'm sure using a live model will be better than a lifeless doll.”

“But Ms Miller, we were going to take photos and stuff to put in the notebook” Stacey said, not getting the full impact of what Ms Miller was trying to do.

“OK, so remember, I said it is not our fault Michael is in this pre-'dick'-ament. It's his. So just do what ever you were going to do and don't worry about it. If he ends up starring in a few shots for Amanda's notebook, so be it.”

Michael's whimpering became more noticeable again. Stacey came back and sat down. Amanda came back this time, and in addition to her camera-phone, she had her notebook. She immediately refreshed her memory with Michael's penis, staring right at it. “Amazing morning!” she said, not realizing she said it out loud.

“Where's the doll?” She asked Stacey.

“Oh, your mom said we can use Michael, and we can still document it with pictures!”

“Awesome!” Amanda said exuberantly She picked up her camera-phone, pointed it at Michael and took a photo. “Full Frontal!” Amanda said with glee. Michael looked at his mom expecting her to say something. She just stood there watching all of it with a smug look on her face. This was going well so far, she thought.

Ms Miller started cooking breakfast as the girls got started. Amanda grabbed her phone and was about to text the photo to Jenny.

“Honey, don't send any pictures out on your phone right now. We don't want to get into any trouble and that might not be legal. I will call her mom as soon as I get done with breakfast, and we'll talk about pictures over breakfast.”

“OK” Amanda said, a little disappointed. She did send Jenny a text saying she couldn't wait for her to come over. She had a BIG surprise for her. She got a reply back almost immediately. Jenny wanted to know what the surprise was. 'your not going to believe it, but I can't say any more right now.'

To be continued......

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