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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 4
Fri Apr 6, 2018 12:32

Chapter 4 – A New Form of Burping for Michael

Stacey started her lesson. “So we went over feeding and burping. You remember what we talked about?”

Amanda replied back “Yes, always feed with a spoon, never use a fork for safety. When your done, wait a short while. When you notice the baby getting fidgety, put a towel over your shoulder and gently but firmly pat them on the back to release any air in their stomach.”

“Very good. Go get a Towel.” Michael got noticeably nervous. Amanda ran to the bathroom in anticipation of what was coming next. She returned quickly and sat down. She put the towel over her shoulder.

Stacey took the control, “Michael, baby, come over here and let Amanda burp you.”

Michael just looked at his mother with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Do it! I told you to do whatever you were told immediately. Don't make me grab the belt!”

Michael whimpered again. He walked over to Amanda and stood in front of her. His penis was about 6 inches from her eyes. She just stared, transfixed on his member. Stacey grabbed the camera phone and snapped a few pictures.

“Just sit in her lap, lean over and put your head on her shoulder.” Stacey grabbed Michael by the hand. He started to pull back. He saw his mother step to the table and reach for the belt. He relaxed.

Stacey led him around to Amanda's right side and guided him to sit on her lap. He was taller than her so this was going to be a little awkward. Stacey nudged Michael so that he sat down. Stacey lifted his hand over Amanda's shoulder and behind her neck. She snapped a few more photos.

At this point Amanda was staring straight down at a 5 or 6 inch boner in her lap, staring right back at her. Stacey reached over and pushed on Michael's outside shoulder to turn his upper body so it was facing hers. “Hold that pose!” Stacy said, and got the camera phone. She took another photo. Michael snapped his head around in her direction but before he could say anything, his mother spoke up.

“Good, get plenty of photos for your notebook. We want it well documented” Said Cheryl.

Stacey took a close up of his penis. Michael gave her a mean scowl. Stacey just pushed his head back over Amanda's shoulder. Amanda started tapping on his back.

“A little firmer” Stacey instructed her. “Maybe cup your hand a little.”

Amanda did as Stacey told her. After about a minute, Stacey said “That's good. He probably won't burp for us right now. Sometimes even the real babies don't burp”

“Oh, he's a real baby” Ms Miller interjected. All 3 females laughed. Stacey snapped a few more photos.

Amanda relaxed and dropped her hand. It touched Michael's penis. She jerked her hand away as if it scared her. Michael jumped and his penis twitched. He felt a shot of sexual excitement and shock at being touched.

“Hey stop that!” he yelled.

“You keep quiet mister! No one told you to speak.” Cheryl walked over to the table between the 2 girls. “It's bound to happen sooner or later. Stand up Michael”. She took Amanda's hand and placed it on Michael's penis. Amanda turned a shade of pink with embarrassment. Michael turned a shade of red. His penis was throbbing from the excitement of it all. He felt like he was going to shoot right then!

Stacey was sitting mouth open shocked that her neighbor was holding Michael's penis. She snapped a few photos herself. Amanda just sat frozen. Her mom grabbed her wrist and slid Amanda's hand up and down the shaft a few times. Michael's eyes got big. He was about to cum! All eyes were on his penis now. He couldn't breath. Neither could Amanda. Her mother released her grip on Amanda's hand. Amanda continued to stroke. Stacey continued to capture everything, this time on video.

“Careful, you might get a surprise!” Cheryl told her.

“What do you mean? Amanda asked, innocently.

Just then Michael yelled “Oh, shit!” as he felt the contraction in his balls and he started to fire off a rope of semen into the air.

“Just keep stroking honey and watch. Maybe a little faster!” She looked over at Stacey who was still recording it all on video. Cheryl let out a little laugh.

Michael had his eyes closed. He was leaning back a little, resting an arm on the table. Amanda continued to stroke and was looking from Michael's penis to her mom and back. Cheryl just kept shaking her head yes, indicating for Amanda to continue. Suddenly Michael stopped breathing and soon he erupted in a huge orgasm.

Stacey was getting all of it on video. “Holy Shit!” She said, repeating what Michael had said.

“I don't like all this cussing” Cheryl said. She reached for the towel on Amanda's shoulder and started trying to wipe up the cum as it was landing on Amanda's shirt, her arm, her hand, the floor. Stacey just kept recording.

After 4 or 5 shots of cum, Michael was done. As Amanda kept stroking, it started to get too sensitive and he was pulling his hips back.

“You can stop now honey.” She looked at her daughter and cracked up. Amanda was shell shocked. She sat there with Micheal's cock in her hand and her mouth open in disbelief at what had just happened She had some cum on her cheek and it trailed into the corner of her mouth. She must have caught a shot in the face thought her mom.

“You OK honey?” She asked her daughter as she reached to wipe the cum off Amanda's face. Amanda closed her mouth an instinctively swallowed. The taste in her mouth surprised her, but she liked it. She used her hand to scoop the cum off her face and put it in her mouth.

“Hmmm” she moaned. Everyone just froze and looked in surprise as this 12 year old girl was tasting her brother's cum and liked it. He mom wiped her face anyway.

“Well, I'll bet that was a first for you girls.”

Amanda replied immediately “Wow, that was wild! I couldn't... I don't...” She couldn't express what she was feeling right then.

Stacey spoke up “Well, being in charge of 3 older boys you see some things.” She looked directly at Michael's penis. “I got a great video of all of it though.”

“Well, let's get this cleaned up so we can have some breakfast. Michael, get a couple of hand towels from the bathroom and clean up your mess.”

“My mess? How do you ...”

“From now on, you don't speak unless given permission and get the towels now!” Cheryl snapped at him and smacked the side of his butt cheek with her hand.

Michael jumped up and hurried to get the towels. He returned and started wiping up the floor. “Clean your sister first you idiot!”

Michael looked at his mother then at Amanda. Amanda answered back “I can do it.”

“Nonsense. Let your brother do it, it's his mess.”

“With that Cheryl grabbed Michael's arm and aimed the towel at the stream of cum that ran from Amanda's arm then across her breast. Michael tried to resist and pull back. He didn't mind touching his sister's breast but he thought this was a trap to get him into further trouble.

“Stop fighting me Michael!” Cheryl warned. She wiped repeatedly over Amanda's breast. All the wetness being spread only served to highlight her erect nipples. Cheryl continued for half a minute, then moved to Amanda's legs. She pushed Amanda's knees apart and pushed Michael to stand between them. Everyone could see her wet spot, including Amanda. She was shocked and embarrassed.

She tried to close her legs but Michael was in the way. Cheryl guided her son's hand and the towel over Amanda's leg and across her crotch. Michael got weak in the knees. Cheryl nudged him in the butt with her shoulder which only served to push his penis into her daughter's face, almost touching her.

“Watch it boy! Don't touch me with that thing. It's still dribbling!” Then realizing the situation and the fact that she had enjoyed the taste of his cum, she playfully leaned in a little and licked the juices off his penis. This time Michael's knees buckled. He fainted. Too much excitement.

To be continued......

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