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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 5
Fri Apr 6, 2018 12:32

Chapter 5 - More Punishment That Michael Thinks Is Unfair

Michael woke up. He was laying on the floor of the living room. He had on a towel as a diaper. He had a baby bottle next to him. He looked up. 2 girls were standing over him, staring at him. His mom was somewhere else. He now had not only Amanda and Stacey there, but Jenny as well. Jenny must have come over after he passed out. Stacy was facing away from him doing something. She turned around and saw Michael moving. She came over and stood beside the other 2 girls.

“Well! welcome back sleepy head!” Stacey said. “You really gave us a shock. You passed out and almost hit the floor. Your mom caught you.”

“How long was I out? Why am I wearing a diaper?”

“Well” said Stacey “You've been out for about 2 and ½ hours. We went ahead and invited Jenny over early since she will be babysitting soon too. Plus we knew she would enjoy it.”

Jenny spoke up excitedly “Oh it was awesome. Thank you so much for letting us do this Michael. I just can't say...”

“I didn't let anyone do anything! This whole thing is being forced on me and I am not happy about it at all. I don't think this is fair and I don't think any of you would have been treated this way if you got caught with your dirty thoughts and things you do! I am getting treated horribly because I am a boy!”

“Bull shit! You pervert, you were peeking at me changing my clothes and you were masturbating! Your a sicko!” chimed in Stacey.

“Oh really? So you don't masturbate? And what do you think about when you masturbate? Boys?” Michael didn't even leave any room for the idea that the girls didn't masturbate, which they all did, just probably not as often as he did and they didn't get caught. “And earlier this year you took a dare and ran through the boys locker room! What was that about?” Michael retorted.

Stacey didn't know that Michael knew about that. She didn't realize but he was there. All she remembered was seeing some penises. Everything else was a blur. But she certainly wasn't going to admit in front of witnesses that she masturbated.

“Your so full of shit! Face it, you got caught being a perv and your facing the consequences!”

“Well, you should face the same consequences, you saw me naked in the locker room and you masturbate too. So nothing I did was any different from what you did. I'm just getting the worst end of it from you feminist assholes!”

With that, Cheryl, who had been listening hurried into the room. “Enough of that Michael! I will not have you talking to these girls that way. No matter your opinion, you need to treat females with respect. We're going to dole out some of that respect right now. Get over here and lay over the arm of the couch!”

Michael went from angry to scared and had a bewildered look on his face. How did this conversation end up here? He thought he was winning the argument. He started to try to explain.

“Now!” said his mom, as she grabbed his arm. Stacey, take that diaper off of him!”Cheryl was very angry. It didn't matter that Michael was probably right, he was being treated differently because he was a boy. She had been treated badly by Michael's father, who left her for a younger woman. She felt mistreated at work, remembering what her friends kept telling her about the glass ceiling for women. She was about to focus all her feminist anger on her son's butt.

Stacey quickly removed the diaper and moved back out of the way. Michael was naked again but for probably the 1st time he was flaccid. A situation that was about to change being naked in front of 4 females now. He couldn't help but notice that all 3 girls positioned themselves so they could stare at his penis. And they said he was a perv!

Michael leaned over and laid on the arm of the couch. He was crying in anticipation of his spanking. He hadn't been spanked since he was about 7 years old.

“Grab hold of his penis and testicles, I don't want him to move or try to get up!” Cheryl told Stacey. Stacey smiled, knelt down, and grabbed Michael's penis in one hand and testicles in the other. Michael let out a gasp between sobs.

“Move this way so I don't accidentally catch you” Cheryl told Stacey as she put her left hand on his shoulder blades to make sure he didn't try to get up and began swinging the belt with her right hand.

The belt made sharp contact and Michael let out a scream. The belt wrapped over his buttocks and the end snapped a little harder on his side. Cheryl gave a volley of 10 swats before stopping. Michael was crying really hard by this time.

“Whats the matter, the poor baby get his bottom hurt?” Stacey said mockingly as she stepped back. Michael tried to get up to go after her. Her was crying but he was also angry for being treated like this.

“You'll pay for that bitch. I don't care how much trouble I get in, how many spankings, I'm going to get even with every one of you!”

Michael felt a sharp pain as his mother reached out and squeezed his testicles and started a new assault on his ass. “You.. will.. do.. no.. such.. thing....” She said as she beat his ass harder than before. Michael was bawling now but. Cheryl stopped at another 10 swats.

“Stacey, I think you should give him a few swats since he threatened you.”

“I don't think so. I.. no I don't want to.” Stacey said.

“You don't need to worry about his threat. I WILL keep him in line. He is going to learn to respect women or he will have a perpetually red butt!”

“No, I think I'm going to pass.” Stacey also still kind of liked Michael and she didn't want to hurt that chance if it came in the future.

Amanda spoke up “I'll bust his ass! I don't care if he threatens me. I can just come to you and he'll be in bigger trouble!”

Cheryl had calmed down from her earlier anger. Whether it was from getting her frustrations out, having time to calm down, or hearing the way her daughter was talking, she realized she may have over-reacted.

“You need to watch how you say stuff like that” Cheryl told her daughter, “This is not about 'Busting his ass'. It's about teaching him to respect women. I think for now you can take a pass too. We need to get you into the right mind set so you are motivated to do things the right way.”

“Michael you can get up and go stand in the corner over there. Same rules as before, facing us, no covering.”

“Michael got up. He was a little abrupt in his movements and you could see he was angry. He did eventually stop crying but he was rubbing his butt as much as he could. Even rubbing it hurt at this point.”

Jenny, being sweet or maybe with some sexual thoughts in mind, offered “I can get some cold cream for his behind if you want.”

Cheryl looked at Jenny then at her son. She thought the girl was looking for a reason to do some touching. She didn't mind him being a little more humiliated. “OK”.

Jenny ran to the bathroom and returned with the cold cream but she didn't bring anything to apply it with. When asked by Stacey she said “I was going to just use my hand. Isn't that how your posed to do it?” She said coyly. She went over to Michael and knelt in front of him so his penis was right in front of her. She did a lot of staring and occasionally reached back to rubbed some cream on his butt. The cream was helping relieve the pain plus he kept looking down at this girl with his penis in her face staring at his cock. He got a rapid hard on. Jenny loved every second of it.

Cheryl left the room. Stacy walked over to Michael and told him “We did a lot of practicing while you were asleep. We took a lot of pictures. Did you want to see?”

Stacey wanted to see his reaction as he saw the pictures of them handling his penis, wiping him, applying powder, putting on his diaper and much much more. She wasn't just trying to be mean, she was getting a sexual thrill out of it. Michael didn't respond. Stacey brought the laptop over to show him.

To be continued......

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