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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 6
Wed May 2, 2018 03:30

Chapter 6 – Stacy Shares The Photos with Michael, Some Experimentation

Stacey brought up the photos in her viewer program. “We haven't typed our notes into the notebook so we haven't pasted the pictures on there yet, but here are the photos.”

Just them Amanda's mom walked through the room on her way to the garage. “I'm going over to Margret's to have a talk with her. Are you girls going to be OK while I'm gone?

“Oh yes ma'am” Stacey replied first. “We got it mom” Amanda said,trying to make her mom feel at ease. Cheryl left. After she drove down the driveway, Stacey continued “So here are the photos.”

Michael was not happy about her saying that. “Just remember what I said. What ever you do, there will be a consequence for it. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some time soon. In fact, you won't even know its coming, and I might not even be the one doing it. That way I can't get in trouble. Like mom said, actions have consequences!”

Stacey didn't appreciate that “Yes, actions have consequences Don't forget, you saw me undress. You did that not me.”

Yes, but I didn't see you naked. You got to see me naked, embarrass me, watch me get my ass beat, took photos of me – NAKED – and now your trying to humiliate me by showing me what you perverts did to me while I was passed out. I'm not thinking I am the worst one here, so suck my dick!”

“Well, not going to do that” she giggled, “maybe not ever again, don't know, but if you talk to me like that again, I am going to tell your mom.” With that, she reached down and grabbed his penis. She didn't hurt him, but he still jumped. She surprised him. He had already gotten a boner from Jenny sitting there staring at his cock. Now the girl next door was holding it. She stroked it gently. Oh that felt so damn good! Michael started forgetting what had been going on and was just enjoying the moment. Then she just stopped.

Michael was not only embarrassed, but also excited, and confused. Wait, What? Again? he thought to himself.

“If you stop threatening, things could go a lot better for you.” She clicked to open the first picture. “Here are some photos Amanda took in your room and after. Here you are naked when we first started. I took a few shots there. A couple of close ups. Well, not of your face, sorry.” she giggled.

She scrolled through the photos. “Here you are being burped, that was great! Here you are when your sister grabbed your dick.” Michael got a little embarrassed at her using the word 'dick'.

“Here you are shooting your cum everywhere. Here you are when Amanda sucked your dick into her mouth.” Amanda didn't really suck it all into her mouth, but Stacey liked how it sounded. Michael was really embarrassed now. “Here you are when you fainted.”

“Here is where we dragged you into the living room. Here is where we laid you on your back. A couple of close ups! Here you are when your mom told us to clean you up and do a really good job. We did. We got wash cloths. We cleaned your dick.” She looked right at Michael as she said that. He was getting even harder with her constantly saying 'dick'.

“We wiped you down to be sure you were clean. Amanda took notes all along the way, I was in charge of the photos. We rolled you over on your back. We wiped your back down, then your butt. Here is a picture of Jenny sticking her finger in your butt hole. Kind of gross. Then we used a baby wipe to clean your butt. See here? Then we rolled you back over. We thought your dick might have gotten dirty from the floor. We cleaned it again. We each took a turn.”

“Even though you were passed out, it started getting hard again. Jenny wanted to play with it, so we let her. Here, let me show you the video. She got you so hard. Watch this, your going to love this part. We were playing truth or dare.”

Jenny spoke up in shock “You can't show him that, you promised! No!”

“Not really what I said. He won't tell anyone anyway, right?” She didn't wait for an answer “Wait... Here's where we measured it. We were impressed, 6 and ½ inches! There she goes. Jenny couldn't wait to put your dick in her mouth!. She sucked on it, like, for ever! It was really more like 5 or 10 minutes, but seemed like forever!”

“You said you weren't going to show those to anyone!” Jenny was almost crying.

“Finally, oh your gonna love this too, it was Amanda's turn. Look, there's your wittle sister sucking your dick!. Don't you wish you were awake for that? Ha Ha... She sucked on it for a long time. Look at her playing with your nuts. Watching that is making my dick hard and I don't have one!”

Amanda had a look of shock on her face with her brother knowing she sucked his cock.

Stacey let out another laugh, reached down and grabbed Michael's cock again. He just stood there dumbfounded as he watched the video, 1st his sister's friend and then his sister sucking his dick while he was passed out. After a short while of watching the video and Stacey stroking his cock, Stacey said “Here comes the best part...”

In the video, his sister moved and Stacey grabbed his cock, gave it a few strokes, and then put it in her mouth! The girl he had a crush on had his cock in her mouth! Stacey handed the laptop to Michael. She dropped down and started sucking his cock for real! Michael was beside himself, literally. He was watching a video of his crush sucking his cock, while she was actually sucking his cock! He wasn't going to last long. He tilted his head back and emptied his balls into Stacey's mouth. She gagged a little, probably not ready for the explosions. While she had experience seeing naked boys, she hadn't ever had one in her mouth, let alone while it was shooting cum!

Michael rode the climax. After half a minute, he opened his eyes. He looked down at Stacey who was still sucking his cock and taking his cum. He looked to his right only to see Amanda video taping the whole thing! Michael was feeling more and more conflicted as the day wore on. He started the day threatening the girls for their actions. Now, he just wanted this to go on forever. Stacey stopped and looked up. She was trying to finish clearing her mouth. Michael stood there for a few moments. For the first time all day, he reached down and grabbed his penis. Stacey looked up at him while she was licking the cum from the corners of her mouth. He laughed and smacked her in the face with his dick. He smiled.

“Stop that”, she protested lightly. Then she laughed too. Amanda was still filming. Michael looked to see if his mom was around. Not seeing her, he dropped down and kissed Stacey on the lips. Stacey was startled and froze. He set the laptop down. Stacey grabbed him and started kissing, almost frantically She shoved her tongue in his mouth. She knew people did that when they french kiss. She didn't really know what she was doing, but Michael didn't know any better either. He got a taste of his own cum in her mouth but that didn't stop him.

He reached out and grabbed a breast. “Hey, stop that!” She slapped his hand and then his penis. She leaned in “Not while we're on camera!” Michael pulled his hand back. He stood back up. So did Stacey. On her way up though, she grabbed his dick and gave a playful lick up its length. She grabbed the laptop. She wanted to get back to the slideshow.

“So the video is over. Maybe I'll get you a copy” She whispered to him. “Back to the photos! Here we are putting baby powder on your sensitive parts. You know, your BUTT, your BALLS, and your DICK!” She emphasized 3 of the words...

“There is your mom leaving to go to the grocery store.” She had a different tone in her voice when she said that. “Here comes your diapering.” We laid you back down on your back. Jenny wanted to take your diaper back off, but we decided we had seen plenty, so it wouldn't hurt to leave it on for a bit.”

Stacey was having fun. She didn't want to stop. She opened a different folder. “So here are some special photos.” Jenny and Amanda rushed towards her to stop her. Stacey told them to “Stop! I will only show him my pictures” she told them.

Michael's mind was racing a bit. 'My pictures'? Had the girls been posing for private pics? All 3 of them? What kind of pics? He had to see this.

Stacey pulled up a photo of her leaning over Michael with her shirt open showing cleavage. The next photo had her shirt completely open and her breast cupped in her bra was sitting on his mouth. Next was a photo of her bare breast with her nipple on his lips. There were a few of those, as if she was rubbing back and forth while someone snapped the pictures.

Next was a photo of Stacey undoing her pants! Michael couldn't wait to see how far this was going to go. Stacey pulled up another shot. “Here's a picture of the treasure chest being opened!” She had her zipper down and her panties were showing.

“I cant believe your showing him those!” Amanda chided her.

“Well, I still like him and I think we all can agree, we're going to do more stuff with him so, what's the big deal. Show him now or show him later?”

Next was a picture of her in just her panties. “Oh my!” said Michael. His boner was pulsing up and down in rhythm to his heartbeat. Amanda kept on video taping.

The next photo was Stacey turned around with her panties pulled down on 1 side, showing a bunch of 1 cheek. The next was her bent over, with her panties pulled down below her butt with her flower a bit on display. Michael couldn't stop himself. He grabbed his cock and started stroking.

“Stop that or I put away the laptop!”

Michael stopped. Jenny spoke up “I can't believe you were going to jack off in front of your little sister!”

“I.. I..” Michael couldn't say anything. He was seeing the girl he had a crush on for most of his life show him a picture of her pussy.

Stacey continued. “Here is a the best photo of all of them!” It was a picture of Stacey straddling Michael's face with her pussy just touching his lips. His mouth was open. She had rubbed it back and forth a couple of times and someone had taken 5 or 6 pictures of it. Michael was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe he was seeing Stacey completely naked. For real! He reached to grab his cock again. Stacey beat him to it.

“Are we going to have to tie you up? You just can't keep your hands off this thing. What is up with that shit?”

“Stacey, my mom said no cussing.”

“Well, she can't hear me right now so don't worry about it. I'm the oldest here so I'm in charge!”

“But it's my house” complained Amanda.

Stacey dropped to her knees and took Michael's cock in her mouth again. She sucked a few times, then pulled his dick out. She rested it on her cheek. “Michael, who do you think should be in charge?”

“You, oh definitely you!” The poor boy had no choice,”

Stacey stood up and went to the kitchen. She came back with a dish towel and and apron.

“Turn around Michael” she ordered. Michael did as she said. She used the apron to tie his hands behind his back. She used the dish towel as a blind fold. “No peeking!”

“Uh, No ma'am, no peeking!” Michael's cock was throbbing anticipating what was coming next. They led him downstairs to the basement. What a day it had been. He had been humiliated, beaten, and used as a sex toy while he was unconscious, and yet he was looking forward to what ever was gong to happen next.

To be continued......

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