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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 7
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:42

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 7 – Jack Crashes The Party, Gets Caught In The Trap

Stacey waved her hands in front of his face. Michael could hear some whispering but could not make out what was being said or what was going on. Their was some noise in the background as the girls took off their clothes. Stacey walked over to Michael and pushed down on his shoulders until he went to his knees. She then turned him and laid him on the floor. Stacey walked over and stood over his head. She knelt down so her knees were on each side of his head. 'Oh if he could see now!' she thought. He would have a heart attack.

Stacey moved her pussy to his mouth. Using her fingers, she spread her labia open and gently smacked his face with her other hand. Michael tried to lift his head but realized what was going on. He stuck his tongue out. Stacey tried moving over his tongue but was struggling to enjoy it this way. She slid further up so her pussy was completely on top of his lips.

She felt a shiver through her entire body. Michael started moving his tongue back and forth. It wasn't totally what she expected from reading those articles in Cosmopolitan about sex, but she was enjoying it now. Amanda was filming and Jenny was sitting in a chair watching with her hand on her crotch caressing her labia. Stacey was rocking back and forth as Michael licked. His tongue was hurting from stretching out so far. Just then the door opened!

“Dude, where the hell you been” said Jack. He suddenly froze in place. He was staring at 3 naked girls and one of them was on top of his naked buddy! The girls all screamed. They grabbed their clothes and ran for cover. Jack just stood there in shock and finally started laughing.

“Help me up asshole!” Michael yelled at his friend. Jack helped Michael sit up and removed his blindfold. Next he untied his hands. Michael stood up. Jack looked down at Michael's boner.

“Stop staring at my dick you fag!” Michael yelled at him.

“Dude, that was awesome! What was going on?” Jack asked.

“What do you mean? You couldn't tell?”

“Well, ha ha, there were 3 naked girls and 1 of them was sitting on your face!”

“Wow, they were all naked?” Asked Michael.

“Yea dude, just like you are. Go get some clothes on.” Jack suggested.

“My mom took all my clothes away. I'm stuck naked until she gives them back” Michael replied.

“Well, I don't know what game you got going on, but if there are naked chicks running around, I'm in!”

Stacey was listening from the laundry room. She had gotten dressed. She was a little embarrassed but came back into the main room. She blushed as she looked at Jack, another boy from her class.

“Jack, please don't tell anybody what just happened here” She pleaded. “And what did you mean by “your in”?”

“Uh, well, Uh. I don't know, I mean, wow, I've never seen a naked girl in person before. Now I got to see 3! I think I wouldn't mind hanging around over here more!”

“Well,” Stacey changed her tone, “There are rules and a price to pay to hang out here.”

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“Well, we are doing some instructions on babysitting. If you want to stay, you have to play along. Are you really 'in'?” Stacey asked.

“Well, uh, I mean, Uh, I don't know. Whats going to happen?”

“You have to decide if you are in, and if so, you do what we say, when we say it. Period. No arguing, no hesitation. If you don't do as we say or misbehave, we will spank you. Is that clear?” Stacey asked. And if you decide no, you have to leave. You don't get any other details until you decide your in.”

“Well, OK I guess. Michael?”

“Your decision dude.” Michel responded.

“I'm in!” Jack said. Then he just stood looking around as Amanda and Jenny came back in the room, with clothes on this time and looking a little embarrassed. Jack started to say something.

“Just shut up!” Amanda ordered.

Jack looked at Stacey.

“OK well. We should get back to the list. What was next? Oh, I know, bath time!” Stacey said with a big grin on her face. “Upstairs boys!”

Michael headed up the stairs with his boner leading the way. Jenny followed. Stacey pushed Jack and he started to follow. She was followed by Amanda.

They entered the bathroom. Stacey walked over to start the water in the tub, “Clothes off Jack, time for your bath.”

Jack stood there for a minute frozen, not sure what he got himself into. He had been naked plenty of times in front of other people to get washed up, only, the other people were his classmates in gym. Now there were 3 girls in the room. Amanda swatted his butt with her hand.

“Don't make me go get the belt!” She warned.

“Jack started taking his belt off. Next he pulled his shirt over his head. He kicked his shoes off. He was blushing. This was overwhelming. He undid the snap on his pants, then unzipped. He paused briefly then pushed his pants and underwear down at the same time. All eyes were on him. He lifted his leg to pull his pants off.

“Let me help you with those” Jenny said as she dropped down to one knee, right in front of his penis. She was face to face with her second penis today! She helped him remove his pants, staring the whole time at his hardening boner.

Jack reached down and kind of pulled back on his penis to get the foreskin all the way back and fluff it a little.

“We'll have none of that!” Stacey said as she stepped closer and took his cock in her hand. “You and Michael are not to play with your penis unless we tell you to.”

“Uh, I wasn't, I mean, I just...”

“I know what you Just!” Stacey replied. “We can HANDLE things. Now into the tub!”

The girls pushed both boys so that they got into the tub.

“So who gets to do what?” asked Jenny as she reached out and grabbed Jack's penis. Jack twitched in shock.

“Well” Stacey took charge, “I will wash Michael, Jenny, you can wash Jack. Amanda take notes and photos for our guide. Then we'll Switch!”
'What? Photos!' Jack thought. He wasn't sure he liked that, but he already had a girl grab his penis, so he wasn't going to object right yet. Just then he herd 'click' as Amanda took a photo.

Jack blurted out excitedly “Dude, like, your super secret lover is going to wash your dick? And your sister! And her friend too!”

“Yes, we're going to wash his dick, his balls, his ass. We're also going to each wash yours! And your going to stand there and shut up and obey orders! Got it?” Stacey admonished him.

“Uh, Um, I mean, Uh, Yes ma'am. I..” “Shut Up!” Stacey yelled as she smacked his ass.

Jack jumped a little which had the affect of pushing his penis through Jenny's grasp. He puled back a little, then started rocking back and forth. He had already started getting an erection and now it inflated super fast. Jenny started stroking and Jack stopped moving.

“Not now, just wash him” ordered Stacey a she used the spray wand to poor water over Michael's hair. She handed it to Jenny who let go of Jack's penis. Jack and her met eyes for a second. So much unknown in the look they gave each other.

Jenny took the wand and started wetting Jack's air as Stacey put shampoo in her hands and rubbed it into Michael's scalp. After short bit, she playfully rubbed shampoo in his pubic hair. “Gotta get all the hair. We want it clean and soft.”

She took the sprayer back and rinsed Michael's head and then his pubes. She rubbed all over his groin, taking advantage of the moment. She set the sprayer down and reached for the soap. Jenny took the sprayer and started rinsing Jack the same way.

“So Jack, how long is your penis? We know you boys measure them. We measured Michael's. He was 6 and ˝ inched hard! You don't have as much hair down there, so how big is yours?” asked Jenny as she sprayed Jack's pubic region.

“Uh, I don't know. I, uh..” Jack didn't know what to say.

“That's OK. We plan on measuring it anyway.” Jenny continued washing. Both she and Stacey washed the boys entire body. They payed special attention to washing their cocks and balls. Both boys were hard as a rock again.

“Switch!” Stacey yelled as she moved over to Jack. She immediately reached out and grabbed his penis. Amanda handed Jenny the camera and frowned as she moved over to her brother. She wanted to handle Jack, but she knew Stacey would probably take him.
Both girls looked at each other, then Stacey spoke up “Maybe we just need to do the 'dirty parts'. The rest is clean enough.” Amanda smiled and immediately turned her brother to wash his ass. 'Maybe she misunderstood?' Stacey thought. Stacey concentrated on Jack's penis. It wasn't as big as Michael's but then, it was a penis! She was getting to handle 2 of her classmates. Who's would complain?

Amanda started soaping up Michael's butt and rubbing in his crack. Then she went for the kill. Without spending too much time prepping, she shoved her finger in Michael's butt. Michael jumped, both in surprise and some pain. “Hey, watch it!” “Sorry” Amanda said apologetically.

She didn't remove her finger though. She moved it around. She had a serious look on her face and Stacey noticed it. “What the hell are you doing?” She asked. Amanda replied, “I'm looking for his prospate.” “It's prostate with 2 't's. Just reach toward the middle like you were trying to touch his penis. Your small fingers might not reach.”

Amanda moved her aim as Stacey spoke. Michael suddenly jumped and his eyes got wide. “That must be it!” Stacey told her. “Rub there for a little bit. Circles I think.”

Michael got super hard. All 3 girls noticed. Suddenly Michael started leaking fluid. All 5 of them were staring. This was new, even for the boys. Amanda kept rubbing and suddenly Michael shot his wad. It caught him by surprise. It felt good, but there wasn't the same build up, the same anticipation. It was different, but then again, who's going to complain.

Suddenly a new face poked in the bathroom door.

To Be Continued..........

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