Marco Rosario Accolla
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Marco Rosario Accolla is a well-known serial entrepreneur
Mon May 21, 2018 21:29

A South African-born Italian, Marco Rosario Accolla is a well-known serial entrepreneur and community welfare enthusiast with several accolades and successful business ventures to his name. He is currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the CPF (Community Police Forum) and the co-founder & treasurer of Community Watch.

Marco Accolla is a self-motivated individual with a zeal for leadership and proven ability to prioritize and plan. As an entrepreneur and long-time manager, he has displayed remarkable problem-solving skills and is incredibly detail oriented. It’s no wonder he is sought after by friends, family, and business associates looking for sound and reliable advice. He’s good at delegating duties, analyzing problems, and setting strategic business goals. Marco Accolla’s go-getter attitude is evident in his past work building one successful club after another.

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Marco Rosario Accolla