Marco Rosario Accolla
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The Honest Truth About Marco Accolla
Wed Jul 25, 2018 19:13

Whether you know him as Marco Accolla, Marco the don of Durban or any other name, one thing is for sure; heís a highly successful businessman who seemingly attracts a bit of controversy.

Marco is a South African-born flamboyant Italian entrepreneur, a renowned manager, and a go-getter. His business acumen is unrivaled as he runs a host of hot clubs, multi-million real estate ventures and executive boutiques among other enterprises. He is an excellent manager as well, a reason why his businesses are always successful.

But much as he has racked in millions from his vast business empire, this well-connected serial entrepreneur is on the fore when it comes to sponsoring charities for social causes. Marco champions several community welfare causes, including Community Police Forum that he serves as the vice chair.

Heís a famous philanthropist and regularly participates in community service and welfare meetings. In fact, upon arriving at his official website,, you are greeted with several shots of charitable causes.

Charity and welfare organisations that Marco Accolla is involved in

Community policing seems to have a profound place in his heart, and it isnít something that he started embracing a couple of years ago. Being a native of Durban, Marco Accolla has the first-hand experience of how insecurity negatively affects the society. And so, he works to bring about an amicable relationship between the community and the local police.

Basically, Marco involves the two parties in strategies that are enforced to solve Durbanís runaway crimes, violence, and other community ills. He strives to ensure that the police observe the virtues of transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in their lines of duty.

At the moment, Marco is a core member of the Community Police Forum (CPF) Ė vice chair. Through his position, the level of security in Durban is getting better. In fact, itís his novel approach of holding meetings that seems to work, unlike what others are doing. Additionally, heís a co-founder and the current treasurer of the Community Watch, an NGO thatís actively involved in community policing.

Away from all-things community policing, Marco loves to donate to the poor and underprivileged persons in Durban. Youíll find him organising donation drives that offer food hampers, clothing and other commodities to the street families, especially during the holidays. He also plans community get-together drives, all for the common good of the city of Durban.

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Marco Rosario Accolla