Marco Rosario Accolla
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Many people recognise Marco Rosario Accolla as a sharp busin
Thu Aug 23, 2018 23:49

Many people recognise Marco Rosario Accolla as a sharp businessman with an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. He’s created successful clubs, boutique shops, and built a property portfolio worth millions.

But that’s not what makes Marco Accolla tick. It’s philanthropy, charity, and giving back to the community that instils his innermost emotions. According to Marco, when you give back to the community, do good for others, and engage in charitable projects, the person receiving your kindness isn’t the only one benefiting.

As the founder of Community Watch and vice chair of CPF, Marco Accolla has had first-hand experience working with the police and the community. In that time, Marco has learned a lot of lessons on why giving back is amazing.

5 Reasons Why Giving Back is Crucial According to Marco Accolla

#1. Gain Invaluable Skills

You don’t have to be uber rich to give back to the community. You can lend a hand in a community project, volunteer your time, and so forth. Volunteering, in turn, can help you hone essential skills, acquire knowledge, and gain expertise that can help you take your career to the next level. For Marco Accolla, giving back has helped him become a better and caring businessman.

#2. Engaging in Philanthropy will Help you Feel Good

“There’s something of beauty about giving back and helping others that makes you feel so good,” says Marco Rosario Accolla, pointing to photos he took with recipients of his food hamper.

And, Marco is right. Recent studies have revealed that when someone donates to charity or engages in the act of kindness, the mesolimbic system — the part of your brain responsible for “feeling good” becomes excited. In fact, the brain goes ahead and releases feel-good hormones that encourage you to make more contribution to society.

#3. Boost Your Self-Esteem

One of the best benefits of giving back comes in the form of a self-esteem booster. As you become more socially connected, so does your self-confidence.

#4. Get New Perspective

It’s no big secret that life sometimes can be harsh. People can smear your name in the dirt for no reason, just like what slanderers did to Marco Accolla’s name. When you’re feeling low, volunteering or engaging in community welfare can help you put things into perspective.

#5. Gain a Sense of Belonging and Achieve Inner Peace

Helping the needy helps you keep isolation and loneliness at bay as well as create a feeling of community. Besides, you’ll achieve inner peace and enjoy good health and overall well-being. That’s the beauty of giving back, according to Marco Accolla.

About Marco Accolla

Marco Rosario Accolla is a public figure, a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Durban South Africa. His charity of choice is geared toward community policing and helping the poor.

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Marco Rosario Accolla