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Road construction companies building construction Durban now
Mon Jul 30, 2018 05:10

To promote environment-friendly construction or rehabilitation of roads and main pavements in Durban, Civil Engineering Contractors are opting to reuse existing construction materials. Not only is it an eco-friendly way, but itís also a smart way of slashing construction costs, according to Engineering News.

But this technique isnít blatantly applied anywhere and by anyone. Any distinguished civil engineering contractor Durban will tell you that several considerations are taken before reusing construction materials. Different technologies come into play because this decision rests upon the magnitude of damage and if the damage is limited to the pavement alone.

Comprehensive recycling as a cost-effective way of treating foamed bitumen ends up keeping the environment clean. During this cold recycling process, both the bound and unbound layers are recycled afresh, added new additives and binding agents and milled to become a quality, stable layer. However, foamed bitumen thatís used is a product of natural bitumen that had been heated to 175 ļC, something thatís beneficial given that a little of it is only required.

Cold recycling makes sense when it comes to paving flexible, long-lasting base layer that forms the perfect foundation for surfacing using Asphalt. The binding agent still is the black and highly viscous foam bitumen, and youíll eventually get a road material that would withstand heavy traffic loads.

The whole technique, however, isnít restricted to civil engineering contractors alone. Property developers and project managers overseeing top-dollar projects in Durban seem to be borrowing a leaf from this technique. In asphalt road rehabilitation, road construction companies building construction Durban nowadays prefer it, especially when it comes to local road rehabilitation projects.

South Africa is currently experiencing a gradual rise in the number of foreign tourists, a factor that forces the country to invest in proper infrastructure. Potholes and poor quality road networks can make it unsafe to travel and eventually make the country lose lots of revenue. And so, civil engineering contractors and project management Durban have a role to play when it comes to protecting South Africaís reputation that its major roads are well maintained.

Road maintenance is mostly hampered by limited funding, both in the national level and the municipal level. It seems limited funding will continue, something that may worsen the condition of the countryís major roads. This, therefore, would demand that recycling existing road construction materials be done.

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