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Catwoman and the Sirens of Gotham- Chapter 1
Fri Jun 8, 2018 4:50pm

Chapter 1:

Selina dove, her body twisting in the warm night air. The moonlight reflected off her black leather suit. She leaped across the gaping void between two towering buildings, a jump almost no other human in the world could make. She landed rolling, coming to a stop in a crouch, then starting into a run. Every muscle in her perfectly toned body worked in perfect unison, sending her flying across the skyline. Her tight costume clung to every inch of her, supporting her huge chest and outlining her curvaceous rear. She traveled across rooftops in a manner no other human alive could. But, she was more then just a human: she was Catwoman.

Finally, after more daring acrobatics, she arrived at her destination. Through the usual means a contact had reached her about a job she could not pass up: a heist for three million in rare jewels. She had been trying to play it straight lately, but could not pass up that much cash. Besides: after this she'd have enough money to never do a heist again.

She sauntered up to the skylight. Her every movement portrayed confidence and femininity, she moved across the rooftop like a debutante. Peering down into the dark room she scanned every visible inch. Nothing seemed amiss, so she entered in her own fashion. With a slash from her clawed gloves she destroyed the lock on the window. lifting it slowly, she slid under, dropping into the room without a sound.

The second she hit the floor flood lights came on, blinding her. Catwoman, realizing it was a trap, raised an arm to block the light and pulled her bullwhip from her waist, prepared for danger.

"what's up pussycat?" a nasally jersey girl voice came from behind her. Catwoman wheeled around just in time to receive a devastating blow from an over-sized, cartoonish sledge hammer. the blow caught Catwoman on her chin, sending her to the ground with a bone jarring thud. She looked at her attacker, a lean, lanky woman in a red and black checker board costume, with mime makeup over her face, holding the hammer over her shoulder in a cocky, vaguely silly pose.

"Harley Quinn.." Catwoman hissed. The insane clown girl was an incredibly athlete, Catwoman's equal in acrobatics. Still, Catwoman had little doubt that she could dispatch the mad gymnast.

"how's it hanging kitty kat?" Harley sneered, her voice so annoying it enraged Catwoman even more then the attack. Catwoman leaped to attack, her bullwhip cracking, claws extended. But, in mid lunge something snagged her foot. She dropped to the ground hard. She turned and saw a vine wrapped around her leg, moving as though it had a mind of it's own.

"let me guess... Ivy.." Catwoman said.

"i guess I'm a little obvious sometimes." a low, sultry voice said in almost whisper. A figure emerged from the shadows, riding a giant vine. Poison Ivy was short, barely five two with an hourglass figure. she was nude, her bare green skin draped in leaves. Her bright red hair flowed around her round, nymph like face.

Catwoman now felt a tinge of fear: either of these femme fatales she could handle individually, but both? still, she wasn't about to give up. Reaching down she slashed the vine holding her foot, freeing her leg.

"no!" Ivy screamed. Her obsession with plants was the basis of her psychosis. Seeing plants harmed drove her over the edge.

Catwoman rose to her feet just as Harley struck, launching a fury of kicks. Catwoman dodged gracefully, Catching a leg and slashing out with her clawed hand, cutting Harley's arm. From behind her a barrage of vines, thick heavy mutated plants all controlled by Ivy launched at her, catching her around the waist. She struggled madly, but soon each of her limbs was gripped tightly. She was lifted helplessly into the air spread eagle, thrashing violently. Ivy and Harley stood in front of her with a shared sadistic grin.

"Remember that heist three months ago? Where we all threw in against the mob, stealing thousands?" Ivy said, circling her bound woman gracefully on her bare feet.

"And remember how you cut out on us and almost got us popped?" Harley said, hopping closer to Catwoman. Both women stood inches from her now, totally confident.

"it wasn't like that" catwoman said. Actually, that's exactly how it had gone down.

"well, Harley and I decided that wasn't fair" Ivy cut her off. "and set this little trap her to teach you a lesson." Ivy said, grabbing Catwoman roughly by the cheeks. Catwoman's face clenched with rage as she continued to gyrate violently, trying to get loose. No one man handled Selina Kyle against her will!

"if you're going to torture me just do it!" Catwoman said defiantly.

"oh, we're not gonna rough you up kitty!" Harley said. "we do that all the time! We decided to get a more creative this time!"

"yes, we've got plans for you..." Ivy said, grinning even more.

"what are you..." Catwoman started, but was silenced by her opponents confusing actions. Ivy undid the clasp under Catwoman's chin, and pulled her mask off. Selina's long, black hair poured from her mask, her rounded, full face becoming completely revealed. At the same time Harley grabbed the zipper that ran down the front of Catwoman's full body leather costume and pulled it down, revealing Selina's bra strap, bare toned stomach and the top frills of her panties.

Catwoman tried to pull away violently, struggling with all her might. She thought she was prepared for anything but this took her completely by surprise. vines grabbed the collar of her costume and pulled it back. sliding it down her shoulder, over her legs and down off her feet, taking her high heeled boots with it.

Moments ago she had been Catwoman: an indomitable super villain. Now she was Selina Kyle, wearing nothing but her underwear, bound helplessly. Completely helpless, totally confined. Still: Selina had been seen nude before, she was a mature adult. she wasn't about to break down like a child with embarrassment.

"wow, check the ta-ta's on Cat lady!" Harley exclaimed, poking Selina's cleavage with a finger. Selina flinched away.

"i don't know, i can't really see them..." Ivy said, holding her chin as though she was studying an art piece.

"gotcha!" Harley said. She grasped the front of Selina's bra and pulled it away, ripping it off her body. Selina's DD breasts poured out, her large nipples rising up to the cold air.

"oh, those are quite nice." Ivy said, licking her lips. Selina shudder involuntarily. Her struggles now just caused her bared breasts to shake madly.

"ooh, she doesn't look to happy." Ivy said with mock concern.

"Let's help her get comfy!" Harley said.

"yes, why don't you release her of those drab undergarments." Selina almost pointed out that her "drab undergarments" were three hundred dollars from Victoria secret, but decided against it. Harley crept up behind Selina and gripped the hum of her underwear. Selina closed her eyes, expecting to feel them slide down her legs. Instead Harley yanked upwards violently, driving the fabric between her butt cheeks. Selina was so surprised she screamed, a high pitch piercing yelp.

"look red, wedgie!" Harley said with a laugh, yanking it up higher. Selina moaned again: the fabric wedged up her fine behind, rubbing against her vagina just felt so invasive!

"Harley, don't be so grade school." Ivy said. Harley frowned, disappointed no one like her joke. Then, without warning she ripped the panties down, leaving Selina Kyle completely naked, her legs held apart, ensuring nothing was concealed.

"wow red, look at this butt!" Harley gave it a pinch. "it's huge!" Selina's bubble butt was quite large, it's pale cheeks quivering defenselessly.

"what was that Harley? i was... distracted..." Ivy was staring hungrily at Selina's bare crotch. Selina had long had suspicion's about Ivy sexual orientations, which were now verified. She was disgusted as the vines wrapped around her bare legs started to crawl towards her crotch, obeying Ivy's subconscious thoughts. The very possibility made Selina's stomach drop.

Harley walked around to Selina's front, apparently bored with mocking and prodding her backside.

"WHOA, someone shaved their kitty!" Selina's pride was giving way to her embarrassment. she had wanted to remain unaffected by their attempts to humiliate her, but two women staring at her bare, hairless vagina, studying her exposed lips was too much. Her face flushed bright red, her eyes began to water.

"man, she's white as a ghost!" Harley said, studying Selina's form. It was true, Selina was a city girl, she never got much sun. As a result she was so pale she glowed. A minor flaw, but still something she didn't like an adversary to point out about her.

"excepts her cheeks." Ivy said, looking at Selina's face with amusement. Selina was even more embarrassed that her weakness was being pointed out.

"alright girls, you've had your fun, now let me go!" Selina demanded.

"oh, we've had our fun, that's true..." Ivy said.

"but there's some other folks who are gonna have fun with you tonight!" Harley giggled.

"what are you..." Selina started to speak, but Harley sprayed some aresol in her face, causing her to loose consciousness. The last thing she heard was both women laughing, then the darkness took her....

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