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Sirens of Gotham- Chapter 2
Fri Jun 8, 2018 4:51pm

Selina awoke, instantly alert to her surroundings. She opened her eyes: she was falling! A normal person would instantly panic in this situation. Selina's instincts were well trained though. She twisted in the air, landing on her feet without any damage. She surveyed her surroundings. She was in the courtyard of an obviously wealthy household. Roman statues lined the walkway, a tall wall surrounded it. The place looked familiar, but she couldn't place it.

A cold breeze ran over her body, making her shiver. She crossed her arms over her torso to warm herself and was surprised to graze bare nipples with her hands. Confused, she looked down: she was naked! Instantly, the events of the evening came back to her: the ambush of Ivy and Harley, being stripped and then rendered unconscious. What was their game? where was she now?

"Oya, Oya!" a voice called loudly from above. She turned around: on the top of the wall Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Obviously they had thrown her from there. Harley had a mega phone in front of her face.

"come on come all for the show of a lifetime!" she yelled, mimicking a ringmaster. Suddenly, from all directions people flooded. They were all men in black suits: Italian features, all armed with guns of every sort, some holding vicious looking dogs on leases.

Selina looked around her in shock, then looked down at herself. She nude form was totally exposed to dozens of anonymous men. She noticed that "cat" was written over her right breast, "woman" over the left, and Meow! in a half circle over her bare, shaven crotch. Unknown to her whiskers had also been drawn on each cheek.

She stood frozen, for once in her life her alert mind totally overwhelmed. The men were alert, ready to fight for when they initially appeared. Then, for a moment they all seemed just as confused as Selina.

Selina broke the silence.

"AHHH!" she screamed loudly, throwing her hands over her genitals. Her face flushed as she tried to contain her large, unwieldy breasts with one hand while throwing the other her crotch. She leaned forward, trying to hide as much of body as she could, crossing one leg over the other.

The guards finally reacted. The shock broke, and they all burst out laughing at the ridiculous site of this beautiful, high class woman naked, covering herself like a frightened child. they hollered and pointed, comment to each other while Selina stood frozen in place. Some pulled out camera phones and started taking pictures and videos.

Suddenly a silhouette filled the doorway of the house. The presence silenced all the guards instantly. Selina looked up at them: it was a well dressed man with gray hair. She instantly recognized them as Don Ciolli, head of the mob in Gotham city, whom she had robbed with Harley and Ivy weeks before, before stealing their shares of the loot.

"so... the famous cat woman... unmasked and more..." he said with a huge grin. his men chuckled. "everything i was hoping for..."

"Well, we did our part!" Harley yelled through the amplifier in her hand.

"indeed you did!" the don said happily. "I'll happily cancel the price on your head in exchange for bringing me this skinned cat." Selina looked between the Don and The Two women on the wall, then back again.

"well Catwoman, I guess this is goodbye" Ivy said, blowing a kiss at Selina. "i'm sure you'll have a busy night keeping all these big strong men entertained."

"ta-ta toots!" Harley smiled and waved, then both women disappeared. Selina watched them disappear, cursing them in her mind. The guards all circled around her, guns pointed.

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