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Catwoman and the Sirens of Gotham- Part 3
Fri Jun 8, 2018 4:52pm

"wait, wait" the Don said. "i want her alive: no guns. I'm going to tame this alley cat, keep her as entertainment here at my house to pay off her debt to the family" Selina looked up at him, terrified. She knew that, if captured she would be subject to a fate worse then death as a slave to this sadistic mobster. She backed away, frightened.

Suddenly, the nearest thug moved from behind, grabbing at her. He caught Selina roughly around her middle, pinning both arms at her side. He lifted her feet off the ground. Selina kicked madly, much to the delight of the crowd watching. she thrashed back and forth, her breasts swinging wildly. Out of pure panic she threw her head back, breaking the man's nose. He dropped her, grabbing his face. Selina landed on her bare butt with a plop, her legs spread in front of her. She threw her hands over her exposed crotch again.

Now, three more guards ran at her. She scrambled to her feet, her bare heels slapping against the ground. She held her hands over her crotch as she scrambled away, unable to conceal her jiggling breasts or bare butt. She ran with no destination in mind, just the feeble hope of escape. She reached the wall: it towered thirty feet tall: she had no way to get up it without her clawed gloves. She pressed her back to it, her eyes wide with panic. The three closed in, she lashed out like a cornered animal: kicking the nearest one in the face, knocking him flat. She could normally have easily fought them all off but she was using her hands to try to conceal herself, fighting scared, with none of her skill. The second man grabbed at her. She threw another kick, but it was obvious and had no power behind it. he caught her foot easily. Off balance from her leg being held up Selina flailed wildly, trying to keep her balance. Her bare crotch was spread wide to all. her bare foot slipped on the ground, causing her to fall on her back.

The man began dragging her towards the others, her bare back and butt scraping on the rough, filthy concrete. Selina flailed madly, trying to catch a hold of something, kicking her legs to shake loose. Eventually her smooth ankle, slick with sweat proved too difficult to hold and she pulled her foot free. the man turned to her, to grab her again but Selina shot her leg out, catching him square between the legs. The man clutched his injured crotch and fell to his knees. Selina rose and leapt too the man's shoulders, using him as a spring board, jumping over him and catching a pillar that lay behind him. The pillar was too wide too grip so Selina was forced to wrap her arms and legs around it to not slip. The men laughed and cheered at the almost cartoony site of a nude woman wrapped around a giant phallic pole, her bare ass totally exposed, shaking in the wind, cheeks slightly spread, her asshole just barely peeking out.

Selina was all too aware of the site she was presenting but she had to get over the wall, dignity be damned. she began shimming up the pole, trying to get higher.

"stop laughing you fools, she's getting away!" the Don yelled. "shot her in the leg, bring her down!" the men, seeing that Selina was almost over the wall stopped laughing and began firing. The shots hit all around Selina, only by luck and the awkward angle did she remain unscathed. Selina barley noticed however. Her ascent was having an unexpected side effect. As she climbed her bare vagina was being rubbed against the smooth marble pillar, her being stimulated. She almost forgot where she was, thrusting her hips against the rounded surface, her juices flowing. The shots around her roused her from her stimulation, she looked over at the wall. She was parallel with the top, pretty much free. She leapt from her perch to the top of the wall, almost missing the jump due to her shaky, legs. Only adrenaline carried her.

she landed awkwardly on her bare feet and peered over the edge. She jumped to a nearby tree, scrapping her nude body on it's rough bark. climbing down it quickly she took off running in the woods.

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