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Catwoman and the Sirens of Gotham City- Part 4
Fri Jun 8, 2018 4:56pm

Selina could barley think. She was full of emotions: humiliation, adrenaline, fear and most of all sexual excitement. As she ran the cool night air blew over her erect nipples, her thighs rubbed together, her jucies running down them. She couldn't believe how much this was exciting her: it wasn't just the pole, it was the nudity, the danger. There had always been a secret sexuality to her Catwoman persona, running around in a leather bondage suit. This was that coming full circle. She desperately wanted to stop running and pleasure herself: here, completely exposed.

But she knew she had to escape: the Don's guards would find her soon, she needed somewhere to hide. But where? the Don's house was isolated in the woods that were scattered with mansions north of Gotham. She ran through the woods aimlessly, haunted by the distant sound of dogs and voices searching behind her. Her feet were scrapped raw, the bushes scratching at her legs, tangling her hair.

Eventually she saw a distant light. She ran towards it, eager to be out of these woods. She reached a towering castle of a house she instantly recognized: Wayne manor, home of millionaire Bruce Wayne. She had dated Wayne in the past, eventually growing bored and leaving him. She almost ran in the front door but stopped in her tracks: the front of the house was lined with Limos. Damn, he was throwing a party! If it had just been him and his butler she could have bared the humiliation, but she couldn't allow Gotham's elite to see her, Selina Kyle, the haunty and mysterious debutant naked as the day she was born. She'd be ruined!

But, she couldn't stay outside either: the Don's men were sure to find her. She decided the best course of action would be to sneak in a side entrance, try to find something to wear. She daintily tip toed until she found a low window. Carefully she pried it open and slipped over the ledge inside.

The room was pitch black. She could hear far off voices of the party, but it seemed this room was unoccupied. She inched forward stealthy, waiting for her eyes to adjust.

Suddenly the doors swung open. Selina froze in place, utterly stupefied.

"and now I'd like to show you all the newly remolded ballroom!" Bruce Wayne's voice bellowed through the hall. he threw on the lights, expecting to present a pristine vacant hall, lined with ornate statues. Instead he and the crowd were greeted by A naked filthy, terrified looking naked woman.

Selina stood frozen in the center of the room. There was nowhere to hide, nothing to conceal anything. The crowd stared at her. her pale, fine skin was smeared with mud, raw with cuts. There was smeared writing over her exposed, perfect, erect orbs. Her hair was almost standing on end, flopped over her face. There was a plainly visible streak of fluid running off her clean shaven bare pussy.

"...Selina?" Bruce finally broke the silence. he almost didn't recognize her.

Selina looked at him, wide eyed. Then she shrieked, threw her hands over her body, locking her knees together. Quickly Bruce put his coat over her, Alfred bringing her clothes. But, it was too late: she knew she was ruined, she could never show her face again, as Catwoman or Selina Kyle now. She wasn't the type to give up, but these humiliations were too much for her.

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