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Catwoman and the Sirens of Gotham City- Part 5
Fri Jun 8, 2018 4:58pm

Three days later, in a huge abandoned greenhouse, filled with plants Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy drink to their success. The wall was covered in Tabloid photo's and articles. Someone at the party had snapped some pictures of Selina which soon were on the cover of every trashy magazine in Gotham (censored, of course). The pictures were hysterical, nothing more priceless to the pair then the look of pure mortification on their enemies face. Most of the articles implied that Selina Kyle had crashed a Wayne charity fund raiser, nude, probably drunk or on drugs, raising a scene. Some thought she must have wandered over from a wild sex party at the known mob boss next door.

"you know Harley..." Ivy sipped her champagne, lounging on a chair shaped from a living tree. "...this worked pretty well."

"yeah red, i doubt we'll have any problem's with that kitty any time soon!" Harley said happily.

"exactly! which got me thinking, maybe we should try this with more of our enemies..."

"what do you mean red?" Harley asked. Ivy stood, the gears in her head turning.

"i mean, if someone like Catwoman could be stripped and humiliated so easily, imagine how well it would work with those prissy super heroines."

"yeah red, yeah!" Harley said, the obvious finally donning on her. "so what's the plan?"

"well, tomorrow we should make some calls, tell the other villains out there about this..." Both women looked at each other and laughed at the malicious possibilities.

  • Selina could barley think. She was full of emotions: humiliation, adrenaline, fear and most of all sexual excitement. As she ran the cool night air blew over her erect nipples, her thighs rubbed... more
    • Catwoman and the Sirens of Gotham City- Part 5 - splotch, Fri Jun 8 4:58pm
      • ...to be continued? - splotch, Fri Jun 8 5:00pm
        I wrote this story a few years ago. I ended it on a cliffhanger. If anyone here wants to keep it going, write stories of Harley and Ivy (working with the other villains perhaps?) Stripping and... more
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