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Passenger Trains Disasters
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Passenger Trains Disasters

1831 June 17th. First person in America to be killed in a railroad accident due to a boiler explosion on America’s first passenger locomotive, ‘The Best Friend of Charleston’

1833 November 8th. -- USA, New Jersey, near Heightstown: a 24-passenger Camden & Amboy train derailed due to a broken axle; 2 passengers died, many others were injured, including former US President John Quincy Adams and Cornelius Vanderbilt, who later became a railroad baron.

1853 May 6th. USA, New Jersey, Secaucus: Head on collision of two trains, 46 people died

1856 July 17th. -- USA, Pennsylvania, Camp Hill, near Fort Washington: two Northern Penn trains collided head-on; Approximately 50-60 people died, many of them children on their way to a Sunday school picnic.

1859 June 28th. USA, Indiana, Mishawaka: Railroad bridge broke apart due to heavy rain, 41 people died

1876 December 29th. USA, Ohio, Ashtabula: Train plunged from a bridge, 80 people died

1887 August 10th. USA, Illinois, Chatsworth: Bridge over a culvert collapsed under the weight of the train, 82 people died

1879 December 28th. U.K., Eastern Scotland, Tay Bridge: bridge collapsed due to design errors and high winds; an entire train plunged 90 feet into the bay; 78 people died

1880 August 11th. -- USA, New Jersey, Mays Landing: 40 people died

1888 October 10th. USA, Pennsylvania, Mud Run: 55 deaths

1889 June 12th. Ireland, Amagh: 80 deaths

1891 June 14th. Switzerland, near Basel: at least 100 deaths

1896 July 30th. USA, New Jersey, Atlantic City: 60 deaths

1901 February 15th Australia, NSW, Sydenham: train derailment; 7 people died.

1903 December 23rd. USA, Pennsylvania, Laurel Run: 53 deaths

1904 August 7th. USA, Colorado, Eden: Train derailment on a bridge during a flash flood, 96 people died

1904 September 24th. USA, Tennessee, New Market: 56 deaths

1906 March 16th. USA, Colorado, Florence: 35 deaths

*1906 July 1st. UK, Salisbury: Train derailed at a speed of 60mph and crashed into an upcoming freight train, 24 people died

1906 October 28th. USA, New Jersey, Atlantic City: 40 deaths

1906 December 30th. USA, Washington D.C.: 53 deaths

1907 January 2nd. USA, Kansas, Volland: 33 deaths

1907 January 19th. USA, Indiana, Fowler: 29 deaths

1907 February 16th. USA, New York City: 22 deaths

1907 February 23rd, USA, California, Colton: 26 deaths

1907 May 11th. USA, California, Lompoc: 36 deaths

1907 July 20th. USA, Michigan, Salem: 33 deaths

1908 April 20th. Australia, Sunshine (near Melbourne): two trains collided in the station; 44 people died

1908 September 25th. USA, Montana, Young's Point: 21 deaths

1909 January 15th. USA, Colorado, Dotsero: 21 deaths

1910 March 1st. USA, Washington, Wellington: 96 deaths

1910 March 21st. USA, Iowa, Green Mountain: 55 deaths

1910 July 18th. Australia, Victoria, Richmond: in fog a train slammed into a locomotive; 9 people died.

1911 August 25th. USA, New York, Manchester: 29 deaths

1912 July 4th. USA, New York, East Corning: 39 deaths

1912 July 5th. USA, Pennsylvania, Ligonier: 23 deaths

1914 March 16th. Australia, NSW, Exeter: two trains collided in fog; 14 people died

1915 January 18th. Mexico, Guadalajara: train derailed on a steep incline, more than 500 people died

*1915 May 22nd. Scotland, Gretna/Quintinshall: Collision between two passenger trains and a troop train, 227 people died and 246 were injured

1916 March 29th. USA, Ohio, Amherst: 27 deaths

1917 September 28th. USA, Oklahoma, Kellyville: 23 deaths

1917 December 12th. France, Modane: 543 people died

1917 December 20th. USA, Kentucky, Shepherdsville: 46 deaths

1918 June 22nd. USA, Indiana, Ivanhoe: 68 deaths

1918 July 9th. USA, Tennessee, near Nashville: Two-train collision, 101 people died

1918 September 13th. Netherlands, near Weesp: an eleven-coach train rolled down a 20-feet drop after the embankment gave way just before a bridge across the Merwede Canal; 41 people died and 42 were injured

1918 November 1st. USA, New York, Brooklyn: 97 deaths

1920 August 30th. Australia, Sydney, Hurtsville: a train crashed into a standing locomotive; 5 people died.

1920 November 6th. Australia, Queensland, Wokalup: a timber train crashed; 9 people died.

1925 June 9th. Australia, Queensland, Traverston: a train derailed on a bridge; 10 people died.

1926 March 14th. -- Costa Rica, Virilla River Canyon: a train derailed while crossing the Colima Bridge; more than 300 people died and hundreds were injured.

1926 June 10th. Australia, NSW, Aberdeen: a Sydney-Brisbane express train fell from a timber bridge; 5 people died, 50 were injured.

1926 September 5th. -- USA, Colorado, Waco: 30 people died

1926 September 13th. Australia, NSW, Murulla: a Sydney-bound passenger train collided with a runaway freight wagons; 27 people died.

1933 Dec. 23rd. France, Lagny-Pomponne: 230 people died, 300 were injured

1935 December 24th. Germany, Gross-Herringen: Collision between a local train and the Berlin-Basel Express, over 30 people died and 27 were injured

1937 July 16th. -- India, near Patna: 107 people died

1938 June 19th. -- USA, Montana, Saugus, 47 people died

1939 August 12th. -- USA, Nevada, Harney: 24 people died

1943 May 8th. Australia, Victoria, Wodonga: a train collided with their bus on a level crossing; 25 people (most of them military personnel) died.

1943 September 6th. -- USA

1943 December 16th. -- USA, North Carolina, Rennert: collision of two Atlantic Coast Line trains; 72 people died.

1944 January 16th. Spain, Leon Province: 500 people died

1944 January 20th. Australia, NSW, Brooklyn: a mail train collided with a bus on a level crossing; 17 people died.

1944 March 4th. Italy, Salerno: 521 peo

1944 July 6th. -- USA, Tennessee, High Bluff: 35 people diedple died

1944 August 4th. -- USA, Georgia, near Stockton: 47 people died

1944 September 14th. -- USA, Indiana, Dewey: 29 people died

1944 December 31st. -- USA, Utah, Bagley: 50 people died

1945 July 16th. Germany, Assling, near Munich: Rear end collision, 102 people died

1945 August 9th. -- USA, North Dakota, Michigan: 34 people died.

1946 April 25th. USA, Illinois, Napierville: An express train crashed into another standing express train, 45 people died and 36 were injured

1947 February 18th. -- USA, Pennsylvania, Gallitzin: 24 people died

1947 May 5th. Australia, Queensland, Camp Mountain: a train derailed; 16 people died.

1947 October 18th. Australia, Queensland, Tamaree: mail trains collided; 8 people died.

1948 June 30th. Australia, NSW, Rocky Ponds (near Harden): a mail train derailed; 4 people died, 19 were injured.

1947 October 24th. UK, South Croydon: Train-collision, 32 people died and 183 were injured

1949 October 22nd. Poland, Dwor: More than 200 people died

*1950 February 17th. USA, New York, Long Island-Rockville Center: Two passenger trains collided at 50mph, 31 people died

1950 July 12th. East-Germany, between Zwickau and Aue: Estimated 150 people died

1950 September 11th. -- USA, Ohio, Coshocton: 33 people died

*1950 November 22nd. USA, New York, Richmond Hill: Collsion of two Long Island Rail Road commuter trains, 79 people died and 352 were injured

*1951 February 6th. USA, New Jersey, Woodbridge: Commuter train exceeded restricted speed, derailed and crashed in a curve, 84 people died

1951 February 24th. Australia, Victoria, Horsham: a train collided with a bus on a level crossing; 11 people died.

1952 March 4th. -- Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: 119 people died

1952 May 7th. Australia, Sydney, Berala: train accident; 10 people died and 81 were injured.

1952 June 1st. Australia, Victoria, Boronia: a train collided with a bus on a level crossing; 9 people died.

1952 July 9th. Poland, near Rzepin: 160 people died

1952 October 8th. UK, Harrow-Wealdstone: Two express trains crashed into a commuter train, 112 people died and over 150 were seriously injured

1953 March 27th. USA, Ohio, Conneaut: Collison involving three trains, 21 people died

1953 December 19th. Australia, Sydney, Sydenham: two passenger trains collided; 5 people died and 748 were injured.

1953 December 24th. Czechoslovakia, Sakvice: 103 people died

1953, December 24th. New Zealand, Waiouru: With 285 passengers on the train, 151 died and 134 survived

1955 January 23rd. United Kingdom, Sutton Coalfield: A passenger train en-route from York to Bristol crashed; 23 people died and 43 were injured

1955 April 3rd. Mexico, Guadalajara: 300 people died

1955 UK, London: 123 people died, 150 injured

1955 November 20th. United Kingdom, near Didcot Oxfordshire: Train crash; 10 people died and 99 were injured

1956 January 22 USA, California, Los Angeles, South of Downtown, Washington Blvd./Santa Fe Ave.: A two-car passenger train derailed in a curve and flipped over; 30 people died, and 150 were injured

1956 December 1st. Australia, Queensland, Wallumbilla: train accident, 5 people died.

1957 March 15th. Finland, Kuurila (80 miles north of Helsinki): Two express trains collided on a single-line track, 25 people died and 45 were injured

1957 September 1st. Jamaica, near Kendal: Train plunged into a ravine, estimated 175 people died

1957 September 29th. West Pakistan, near Montgomery: Express train crashed into a standing oil train; nearly 300 people died

1957 Dec. 4th. UK, Lewisham: A steam express and a local commuter train collided in fog and caused a bridge to collapse, 92 people died and over 180 were seriously injured

1958 May 8th. -- Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: 128 people died

1958 September 15th. -- USA, New Jersey, Elizabethport: 48 people died
1960 January 30th.-- Germany, Hannover, Bessemer: 11 people died

1960 February 26th. Australia, Queensland, Bogantungan: a bridge, weakened by floodwaters, collapsed as the Rockhampton-bound "Midlander" train passed over it; 7 people died.

1960 November 14th. Czechoslovakia, Pardubice: Two train collision, 117 people died, 106 were injured

1960 November 2st. Netherlands, near Woerden: a British military train derailed after speeding in a construction area; 2 people died and 10 were injured

1962 January 8th. Netherlands, Harmelen, east of Woerden: head-on collision of two-trains; 93 people died

1962 May 3rd. Japan, near Tokyo: After a collision of a freight and a commuter train, another train crashed into the wreckage, 163 people died and 400 were injured

1963 November 9th. Japan, Yokohama: Two passenger trains crashed into derailed freight, 162 people died and 120 were injured

1964 July 26th. Portugal, Custoias: Passenger train derailed, 94 people died

1967 July 6th. Eastern Germany, Magdeburg: Crossing collision between a tanker truck and a train loaded with children, 94 people died

1969 February 7th. Australia, Victoria, Violet Town: a Sydney-Melbourne express, traveling at 120km/h (80 mph) collided with a freight train; 9 people died.

1970 February 4th. Brasilia, near Buenos Aires: Express train crashed into standing commuter train, 236 people died

1971 May 27th. West-Germany, Radevormwald: 46 people died, 25 were injured

1971 July 21st. West Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau: Express train exceeded speed limit, derailed on a curve and crashed, 23 people died, 142 were injured

1971 October 27th. Germany, Radevormwald: A train loaded with students collided with a freight train, 46 people died, 25 were injured

1972 June 16th. France, near Soissons: Two trains crashed into the debris of a collapsed tunnel, 108 people died

1972 July 21st. Spain, Seville: Head-on collision of two passenger trains, 76 people died

1972 October 6th. Mexico, near Saltillo: A train carrying religious pilgrims derailed and caught fire, 204 people died and over 1,000 were injured

1972 October 30th. USA, Chicago: A collision of two Illionois Central commuter trains injured 350 people, 45 people died

1974 August 30th. Yugoslavia, Zagreb: Train derailment close to Zagreb train station, 153 people died and over 60 were injured

1975 February 22nd. Norway, near Tretten: the Trondheim-Oslo Express collided on a single-line section with another train; 29 people died.

1975 February 28th. United Kingdom, London, Moorgate Station: a six-coach train was going to fast into the station and hit the end-wall of the Underground Station; it took more than 13 hours to rescue the last survivor and more than 4 days to recover the last bodies; 43 people died and 74 were injured.

1975 May 22nd. Morocco, near Kenitra: a passenger train derailed; at least 34 people died.

1975 June 8th West-Germany, between the towns Warngau and Schaftlach: Head on collision of two trains, 38 people died, 112 were injured

1975 July Germany, Hamburg: Train accident, 11 people died, 65 injured

1976 January 16th. Australia, NSW, Glenbrook: a freight train collided with the rear of a stalled passenger train; 1 person died, 10 were injured.

1976 May 4th. Netherlands, near Schiedam: collision of three trains; 24 people died (the "Rhine Express"),

1977 January 4th. USA, Chicago: Four elevated train cars fall to a street, nearly 200 people injured and 12 people died

1977 January 18th. Australia, crowded commuter train derailed and struck the supporting pillars of a road bridge, which collapsed. 200 people were injured and 83 people died

1981 June 6th. India, Bihar, near Mansi: Train with over 500 passengers hit the emergency brakes to avoid hitting a cow, causing the train to plunge off a bridge into Baghmati River; at least 268 people died, more than 300 others were reported missing

1981 June 6th. India, near Mansi: Train with over 500 passengers braked to avoid hitting a cow, causing the train to plunge off a bridge into Baghmati River; at least 268 people died, more than 300 others were reported missing

1981 November - Spain, Northeastern Region: a train and a truck collided at a rail crossing; at least 11 people died and 30 were injured, all of them passengers of the train.

1982 January 27th. -- Algeria, El Asnam: 130 people died

1982 July 11th. Mexico, Tepic: Train plunges down a mountain gorge, 120 people died

1983 February 19th. -- Mexico, Empalme: around 100 people died

1985 February 23rd. India, Madhya Pradesh, near Rajnandgaon: two bogies of a passenger train caught fire, 50 people died.

1985 June 13th. India, Agra: an express train collided with a freight train; 38 people died and more than 50 were injured.

1985 August 31st. France, Argenton-Sur-Creuse: Train derailed due to speeding and collided with an oncoming post train, 43 people died and 38 were injured

1985 September 11th. Portugal, near Viseu: Express train collided with commuter train, more than 100 people died

1985 October 11th. Eastern Germany, near Magdeburg: Collsion of a passenger train and a diesel locomotive, 13 people died, 40 were injured

1986 March 10th. India, Bihar, Khagaria: Two trains collided; about 50 people died and 200 others were injured.

1986 August 6th. India, Bihar, Palamau distrikt: two coaches of an express train fall into a stream after colliding with a stationary freight train; 52 people died and 35 were injured.

1987 July 2nd. -- Zaire, Kasumbalesha Shaba: 125 people died

1987 July 8th. India, Andra Pradesh, near Macherial: a Dakshin Express derailed; 53 people died.

1987 August 7th. Soviet Union, Kamensk: A freight collided with a standing passenger train in the train station, 106 people died

1988 March - Spain, Valladolid: two passenger trains collided in a station; 8 people died and 25 were injured.

*1988 June 4th. Soviet Union, Arzamas: A freight train loaded with explosives exploded, 350 buildings near the tracks were destroyed or damaged, an estimated 100 people died and 200 were injured

1988 July 8th. India, Kerala, Ashtamudi lake: an Island Ex

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