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Passenger Trains Disasters Pt.2
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Passenger Trains Disasters Pt.2

1988 July 8th. India, Kerala, Ashtamudi lake: an Island Express plunged into the water; 107 people died.

1988 August India, Kerala: Train plunged into a lake, 127 people died

1988 December 12th. UK, Clapham Junction: 35 people died and nearly 70 were injured

1989 January 15th. Bangladesh, Maizdi Khan: Head-on collision between a passenger train carrying Muslim pilgrims and a mail train, at least 170 people died and over 1,000 were injured

1989 India, Quilon river: The Trivandrum-bound Island Express from Bangalore plunged into the water due to a 'freak typhoon' that occurred when the train crossed the river bridge; 107 people died.

1989 April 18th. India, Uttar Pradesh, near Lalitpur: Karnataka Express derailed; at least 75 people died.

1989 April India, Jhansi: Train derailed in the station, 167 people died

*1989 June 4th. Soviet Union, Ufa: A fractured natural gas pipeline exploded when two trains passed the area, 575 people died and 623 were injured

1989 August 10th. Mexico, near Los Mochis: A passenger train plunged off a bridge into a river, an estimated 85 people died and 107 were injured

1989 September 7th. - Spain, Alava province, 70 miles northwest of Madrid: a train carrying 120 passengers and traveling nearly 90 miles an hour rammed into a stationary freight train; at least 5 people (the passenger train's engineer and four women) died and 54 were injured.

1989 November 1st. India, Bihar, Sakaldiha: Udyan Abha Toofan Express derailed; 48 people died.

1990 January 4th. Pakistan, Sindh province, Sangi village: An overcrowded passenger train was switched to the wrong track and collided with a standing freight train; at least 210 people died and more than 700 were injured

1990 April 16th. India, near Patna: a shuttle train caught fire; 70 people died.

1990 May 6th. Australia, Cowan (north of Sydney): an Intercity express train crashed into a vintage steam train; 6 people died.

1990 June 6th. India, Andhra Pradesh, Gollaguda: train collision; 36 people died.

1990 June 25th. India, Bihar, Daltongunj, Mangra: a freight train crashed into a passenger train; 60 people died.

1990 October 10th. India, Andhra Pradesh, near Cherpalli: fire in a passenger train; 40 people died.

1990 February 2nd. Germany, Ruesselsheim: Head on collision of two commuter trains, 17 people died, 90 were injured

1991 March 3rd. Africa, northern Mozambique: Train broke down, rolled downhill and crashed into a station, 109 people died, 100 were injured

1991 May 14th. Japan, Shigaraki: Head-on collision between two trains, 40 people died and 400 were injured

1991 September 6th. Congolese, Port of Pointe Noire: Passenger train collided with a fright train, two carriges fell into a ravine, 100 people died

1991 October 31st. India, Karnataka, near Makaligurga: Karnataka Express derailed; 30 people died.

1992 July 16th. India, Bihar, Darbhanga: train accident; 60 people died.

1992 September 5th. India, Madhya Pradesh, near Raigarh: train collision; 41 people died.

1992 November 15th. Germany, near Northeim: Express train crashed into the wreckage of a derailed freight train, 11 people died, 52 were injured

1993 August 2nd. - Spain, Vega de Anzo: train crash in a tunnel; 12 people died.

1993 September 21st. India, Rajasthan, near Chhabra: Kota-Bina passenger train collided with a freight train; 71 people died.

*1993 September 22nd. USA, Alabama, Near Mobile: Amtrak ‘Sunset Limited’ plunged from a weakened bridge, 47 people died, 150 survived

1993 November 26th. USA, Florida, near Kissimmee: Collision between Amtrak’s ‘Silver Meteor’ train and a stranded gas turbine: at least 80 people were injured

1994 March 8th. -- South Africa, north of Durban: 63 people died

1994 May 3rd. India, Andhra Pradesh, Nalgonda district: Narayanadri Express rammed into a tractor; 35 people died.

1994 September 22nd. Angola, Tolunda: 300 people died

1994 September 29th. Germany, Bad Bramstedt: Head-on collision of two commuter trains, 6 people died, 67 were injured

1994 December 30th. Burma, 130 miles north of Mandalay: Train derailed as it descended a steep hill, 102 people died, 53 were injured

1995 January 13th. Bangladesh, Dinajopur District: Passenger train crashed into another train standing in a station, at least 100 people died

1995 May 14th. India, Tamil Nadu, near Salem: Madras-Kanyakumari Express collided with a freight train; 52 people died.

1995 June 1st. West Bengal and Orissa: Seventy-three people were killed in two separate railway accidents; 73 people died.

1995 August 20th. India, Uttar Pradesh, Firozabad railway station: The Puroshottam Express ploughed into Kalindi Express at a speed of 110 km/h (70 mph). The Kalindi Express had stopped after hitting a cow on the tracks; as many as 400 people died and 120 others were injured.

1995 October 28th. Azerbaijan, capital city of Baku: Underground railway train caught fire, about 300 people died

1996 January 14th. Australia, Hines Hill (240km east of Perth): a freight train collided with a fuel train; 2 people died.

1996 February 9th. USA. New Jersey, near Jersey City: collision of two New Jersey Transit commuter trains: 408 people on board, 158 people injured (148 of them with minor injuries), 69 were transported to area hospitals, 3 died

1996 February 16th. USA, near Washington D.C.: Commuter Train and Amtrak Train collided, diesel fuel ignited, same wagons burned, 11 people died ( 8 of smoke inhalation or fire)

1996 April 18th. India, Uttar Pradesh, Domingarh, near Gorakhpur: Gorakhpur-Gonda passenger train crashed into a stationary freight train; 60 people died.

1996 May 14th. India, Kerala, near Alappuzha: a bus carrying a marriage party collided with the Ernakulam-Kayamkulam train at an unmanned level-crossing; 35 people died.

1996 May 25th. India, near Varanasi: an Allahabad-bound passenger train crashed into a tractor-trolley at an unmanned level crossing; 25 people died.

1996 November 18th. Channel between UK and France

1996 December 30th. India, lower Assam, between Kokrajhar and Fakiragram stations: bomb blast on Brahmaputra Mail; 33 people died.

1997 January 12th. Italy, Piacenza: High-Speed train ‘Pendolino’ derailed

1997 March 3rd. Pakistan: An express train travelling from Khanewal to Karachi crashed into buffers after switching lines to avoid a collision, at least 128 people died

1997 March 31st. -- Spain, Huarte Arakill: 21 people died

1997 April 29th. -- Cina, Hunan: 58 people died

1997 May 4th. -- Rwanda: more than 100 people died

1997 July 8th. India, Punjab, Bhatinda district, Lehra Khanna railway station: a bomb blast in a passenger train; 33 people died.

1997 July 28th. India, outskirts of New Delhi, Faridabad: Karnataka Express collided with Himsagar Express; 12 people died.

1997 September 14th. India, Madhya Pradesh, Bilaspur district: five bogies of Ahmedabad-Howrah express fell into a river; at least 81 people died.

1997 September 19th. U.K. Southall, West London: Express train smashed into a freight train, 150 people were injured, 7 people died

1998 February 19th. Cameroon, near capital city Yaounde: Two petroleum tanker trains crashed, estimated 200 people died

1998 April 4th. India, near Fatuha: Howrah-Danapur Express derailed on Howrah-Delhi main line between Ratuha and Bankaghat stations; at least 11 people died.

1998 April 24th. India, Madhya Pradesh, Parali Vaijanath (Beed) railway station: 15 wagons of a freight train crashed into the Manmad-Kachiguda Express; 24 people died and 32 were injured.

1998 May 19th. Australia, Robertson (south-west of Wollongong): a freight train derailed; 2 crewmembers died.

*1998 June 3rd. Germany, Eschede: High-Speed ICE-Train derailed and collided with an Highway overpass, 101 people died, 88 suffered injuries, mostly critical

Colossal Impact of German Train Crash

(published in FIRE International, November 1999)

High-Speed Crash kills 101

( published in NFPA Journal November/December 1999)

1998 June 9th. Australia, Sydney: the empty eight-car "Tangara" train derailed at Concord West; 2 crew were injured.

1998 August 13th. India, Tamil Nadu, outskirts of Karur town: a bus crashed into the Chennai-Madurai express train at an unmanned level-crossing on the New Karur-Salem bypass road; 19 people died and 27 were injured.

1998 September 24th. India, Andhra Pradesh, near the village Bottalapalem village: a train engine crashed into an Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus at an unmanned level-crossing; 20 people, including 14 school children died, and 33 others were injured.

1998 November 26th. India, near Khanna, Two train collision, 2,500 passengers on board, 201 people died, at least 250 were injured

1998 November 27th.: a Sealdah Express train collided with a number of carriages of the Frontier Golden Mail, which had derailed. The derailment straddled the opposite running line and despite the efforts of one railway man to warn the oncoming train, it was too close to stop in time and prevent the collision; more than 200 people died.

1999 March 15th. USA, Illinois, Kankakee: Amtrak train collided with a truck at a crossing; 11 people died, 122 were injured

1999 March 24th. -- Kenya, Nairobi: at least 32 people died

1999 April 22nd. Canada, Thamesville: Passenger train with 180 people aboard had switched onto the wrong track and smashed into a freight boxcar; 2 people died , about 100 were injured.

1999 June 22nd. India, New Jalpaiguri railway station: explosion; at least 9 passengers, including 2 Indian soldiers headed for Kashmir, died, 85 others were injured, including 10 soldiers.

1999 July 7th. Australia, Sydney (between Hornsby and Asquith stations): a CityRail train derailed; 3 passengers were injured.

1999 July 16th. India, near Mathura: Delhi-bound Grand Trunk Express from Chennai collided with derailed wagons of a freight train; 17 people died and more than 200 were injured.

1999 August 1st. India, West Bengal, Gaisal station: Brahmputra Mail train from Guwahati, filled mainly with military personnel hit a stationary Awadh-Assam Express head-on. Fifteen carriages were ripped apart, hurling sleeping passengers around the compartments; at least 400 people died.

1999 August 3rd. India, Gaisal: Head-on collision of two express -trains: Estimated 500 people died, nearly 1,000 of the estimated 2,500 passengers were injured

1999 August 18th. Australia, Zanthus (250km east of Kalgoorlie): an Indian Pacific hit a stationary freight train; 20 people were injured.

1999 September 20th. USA, Maryland, Cumberland: rear-end collision of an Amtrak train and a CSX freight train; at least 16 people were injured

1999 October 5th. . United Kingdom, London, Ladbroke Grove: A Thames train went through a red signal and collided head-on with a high speed commuter train traveling from Cheltenham to Paddington; at least 31 people died, approximately 500 were injured.

The Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry/Report

1999 November 18th, USA, Los Angeles/Fullerton: Metrolink commuter train carrying 65 passengers collided with a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train; 15 people suffered mostly minor injuries; a ignited fire was quickly extinguished by the local fire department.

Report and Photos

1999 December 3rd.Australia, near Sydney: Commuter train slammed into the back of along-distance Indian-Pasific tourist train, from nearly 1.000 people aboard, 51 were injured and 7 died.

2000 January 4th., Norway, Rena: Head-on collision of two passenger trains on the same track at the Aasta Station in Aamot township, about 100 miles north of Oslo at a speed of 55 mph; it is estimated that one train was carrying 81 passengers and 2 crewmembers, the other 15 passengers and 2 crewmembers; 30 people were injured and taken to various hospitals; 19 persons died.

The diesel locomotives caught fire; smoke and heat conditions were battled for nearly six hours before rescuers could get into the heated wreckage; the section of track where the collision occurred had been due for a safety upgrade with an automatic train stop system;

Temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit) slowed down the recovery of bodies, many of them badly burned. They had been taken to the Norwegian capital of Oslo for identification.

2000 February 6th. Germany, Bruehl: express train derailed and crashed into the local train station, estimated 100 people were injured and 9 died

2000 February 13th. USA, Maryland, Baltimore airport: light-rail commuter train crashed at Baltimore/Washington International Airport, e20 people were injured

2000 April 13th. Africa, Congo Republic, near Pointe-Noire: collision of a freight train and a passenger train, 31 people were injured, 11 died

2000 June 21st. USA, New York City : a subway B-train bound for Manhattan derailed shortly after leaving a station in Brooklyn, sending 3 cars off the tracks; approximately 80 passengers were injured, 3 of them critically.

2000 October 17th. United Kingdom, Hertfordshire, near Hatfield Station: The London to Leeds express train derailed on a broken track; 4 people died and 87 were injured.

2000 December 7th. USA, California,near Mount Shasta: Five cars (including 2 engines, a baggage car, a crew dorm car, and a passenger car) of a 16-car Amtrak train en-route from Seattle to Los Angeles derailed after it clipped a tank car that had fallen off a parallel track. Of the 153 people (134 passengers and 19 crew members) aboard 9 persons sustained minor injuries.

2001, February 28th. U.K., Yorkshire, near Selby : a Land Rover hauling another car on a flat-bed trailer crashed onto the railway line and was then hit by a high-speed passenger train, which in turn derailed into the path of a freight train; at least 10 people died and approximately 70 were injured.

2001 March 17th. USA, Iowa, Corning: an Amtrak 'California Zephyr' train, enroute from Chicago to California with 195 passengers and 15 crew members derailed on a straightaaway between the communities of Brooks and Nodaway, about 70 miles southwest of Des Moines, IA. Nine cars were involved in the accident that occurred at 11.40 p.m. in chilly weather (28 degress Fahrenheit). Access to the site in a very rural area was limited, because the closest road was one mile away. Fire/Rescue/EMS and Law Enforcement agencies from different counties responded. Three critically injured people were transported by helicopter, one to a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, and two to a hospital in Des Moines. Uninjured passengers were taken to a community center in Nodaway, Iowa, where Amtrak was arranging for shelter and alternate transportation. One person was killed and 90 others were injured.

2001 March 27th Belgium, Pecrot (east of Brussels): an empty train traveling at about 55 mph on the wrong tracks collided head-on with a crowded commuter train; at least 8 people died, 9 were injured; the driver of the empty two-carriage train neglected a red signal; an automatic system to avoid such accidents but the system is not yet fully operational.

2001 June 22nd. India, Kerala, near Kozhikode: due to the collapse of an ageing bridge three coaches of the Mangalore-Madras Mail tumbled into the Kadalundi River; 52 people died.

2001 August 16th. India, Jalgaon district, Maharasthra: At least 15 people, including eight women and two children were run over by a train while crossing a track in Maharashtra. They were hit after they exited a train that halted briefly between stations about 450 km from Mumbai.

Bihar, Jumui station: a freight train slammed into a stationary Muzzafarpur-Sealdah passenger train; 4 people died and at least 50 were injured.

2001 August 23rd. India, Bariar near Pathankot: at the unmanned railway crossing a vehicle t Bariar collided with the Ravi Express train; at least 11 people died.

2001 September 2nd. -- Indonesia, Is

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