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Sterling, Ohio
Mon Aug 6, 2007 02:40 (XFF:

Can anyone tell me anything about the train wreck in Sterling, Ohio in the 1950's or 60's? It was a head on collision and was pretty fiery. I can bring up nothing. Does anyone know how to access something about it? It was a head on collision and our house was only about a half mile from it so the explosions were pretty intense.

    • EL/B&O crash Jan 1965Dodi M, Sat Mar 31 18:41
      My grandfather, Don Narney, was the engineer for the EL in this crash. The switch operator was cleared of all charges. I have been told the Sterling Fire Department has pictures from the crash and I... more
      • Sterling Ohio crashBrenda D, Mon Mar 30 16:06
        I was 11 years old and lived in a house right where the two trains collided. It was a fiery mess - we had to evacuate for a few hours but when we returned I looked out the window and saw the engines... more
    • Re: Sterling, OhioAnonymous, Thu Jan 21 22:43
      Hi, I Remmember the crash..I was 5 Years Old. My Dad Worked For The Railroad, So It Was A Big Ordeal. I was Told That the Train Was Carrying..Cookies- and Bottles of Wine as well... The Copes Or... more
    • train wreck near sterling ohioAnonymous, Mon Nov 3 15:57
      i lived in danfords rental houses when this train wreck happened right in are back yard... quite a rude awakeing saw 5 dead bodies in the back yard cause was man in switch house fell asleep and did... more
      • Re: train wreck near sterling ohioAnonymous, Sat Jan 25 03:38
        Granddaughter of switch operator here. He was not at fault for crash.
      • Train Wreck in the 50'sRandy, Sat Jan 1 20:47
        Can you tell me where the Danford rental houses were? I lived in the big white house beside Sterling Elementary School from 1953 till 1972 and I never heard of them. Anyway, I slept through the dang... more
        • Re: Train Wreck in the 50'sAnonymous, Sun Jan 2 15:24
          dear randy danford rental houses were just down the road from the hub beerjoint.. turn right down a little road down the tracks 300feet or so... the houses were gray i think.. the trains hit headon... more
          • Tower operatorGayle Botdorf , Wed Oct 26 16:00
            My dad was the operator and he did NOT fall asleep. He us 87 now and still talks about the entire hellish event.
      • Sterling train wrreckPete Swanson, Wed Feb 24 08:23
        The Sterling train wreck, in 1965 I believe, was caused by the B&O going through a red signal. EL train plowed into it and 5 were killed. Tower operator Sherman Hines (EL) was cleared in court of any ... more
        • DanfordsBrenda D, Mon Mar 30 16:11
          I also lived in Danfords rental houses. The trains hit right behind those houses - it was really close to the homes.
        • train wreck sterling ohioAnonymous, Sat Sep 25 08:21
          i happen to have photos of the wreck.jan 11,1965. b&o had 107 cars ande&l had123 cars. b&o lost 3 and e&l lost 2 lives with another injured.i believe it happened at 1am.b&o engine#6940,5466,4521,6438 ... more
          • Pictures of EL crash Jan 65Dodi M, Sat Mar 31 18:45
            I would be interested in seeing these pictures. My grandfather, Don Narney, was the EL engineer
          • PhotosDoug, Sat Dec 24 11:30
            I'm the grandson of the tower operator who was present at the scene of the accident. I'm doing a little research to see if I can find any photos of the accident. Would you be able to send the photos... more
            • photos of 1965 Sterling crashDodi , Mon Mar 30 16:59
              I have been told that the Sterling Fire Department has pictures from the crash. I am going to try and get up there this summer.
            • Re: PhotosAnonymous, Wed Dec 28 09:04
              doug...i will do what i can to get you some of the most important photos of the accident... mike
      • Find a 1974-75 train wreckstephanie, Mon Mar 30 14:48
        Hello, I do not know were to start. Do you know of any train wrecks in Ohio in 1974-75? I was in my mothers belly when my brother and my mom were taken home by my father. My fathers name was Wess... more
        • response to your questiondavid gann, Mon May 11 17:43
          If you will contact your local newspaper they may have the story of the wreck in their archives. just give them as best a date as you can and go from there. You may also be able to contact your local ... more
      • E-L wreckGary L, Thu Dec 25 21:10
        ICC investigation blamed the B&O train crew for being asleep. The operator saw what was going to happen and tried pounding on the side of the lead unit of the B&O train which was travelling at slow... more
    • Sterling train wreckRick Williams, Mon Nov 5 05:42
      Sounds like your asking about the 01-11-1965 B&O/E&L Head on collision at the interlocking in Sterling. 5 crew members died in the collision and resulting fire.
      • train wreckdave, Mon Apr 11 17:35
        I was there, saw the whole mess. It was awful.I was there yesterday bikeing on the new bike trail. Sure brought it all back. \
      • Re: Sterling train wreckkeith, Wed Aug 4 17:47
        The date of the wreck was Jan. 11, 1965 at 1:06 AM. I have a newspaper clipping.
      • Re: Sterling train wreckGary L, Thu Dec 25 21:02
        Check the Erie-Lackawanna railfan websites. There is a detailed ICC Accident report available. A B&O eastbound was running against the flow of traffic haveing crossed over immediately west of... more
      • Crew FatalitiesPat Lofgren, Mon Jan 28 07:47
        Could this have been the last train wreck in which 5 crew members perished? I can recall later wrecks (in the 2-man crew era) in which 4 railroad crew members were killed, but no others with 5 dead.... more
        • Re: Crew FatalitiesAnonymous, Mon Jan 28 12:53
          PC had a headon in I believe 1975 at Wauseon Ohio that killed 5 or 6. The Erie wreck was covered by the Akron paper but don't know if any magazines covered it. My father was on the train behind the... more
          • Thanks for info!Pat Lofgren, Tue Jan 29 06:26
            Thank you for the information. I was unaware of the Wauseon incident but will investigate the details. For the Sterling wreck I will search the Akron, Cleveland, and Wooster daily newspapers. Does... more
            • Ravenna WreckRick Williams, Sun Feb 3 17:09
              The wreck near Ravenna was EL train 2nd NY100, was running against the current of traffic on train orders when they came upon open switch. Accident happened on Thanksgiving day 1974 or 1975.
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