Ross Lindberg
Assling Germany train derailment
Sun Aug 19, 2007 07:06 (XFF:

I'm trying to get more information regarding the the names, ranks, & Serial Numbers of the 102 German POWs who were killed on July 16, 1945. Please forward any/all information regarding this train wreck. Note: My Father (recently deceased - May 21, 2007), attempted to provide first aid/assistance to those poor German POWs. He was a Sgt/Medic in WWII and did his best to save as many lives as possible that day. Even prayed the "salvation prayer" to a dying man just before he passed away. See assist...this means alot to me and my Father who now lives in heaven.

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    • Assling Germany train derailment — Ross Lindberg, Sun Aug 19 07:06
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