Indiana Train wrecks
Thu Aug 28, 2008 01:33 (XFF:

Harry: you are most kind. I will today create a list. Can you take an Exel spreadsheet? This is the easiest was as I can do a filter, merge and save quickly. Also I will need to send you the extract direct rather than through TRC. For this I need your direct E-mailing address. I cannot see it quickly on TRC so I have shown mine and perhaps you will give me a quick mail.
Note that I am in the UK - is this alright?
Ray State

  • Indiana train wrecksHarry Graves, Wed Aug 27 20:17
    Ray. If you could send me a list of what you have I could cross-reference my files. If you will down load to disc what you have I will see that you get a full set of books as well as credit. This... more
    • Indiana Train wrecks — Ray State, Thu Aug 28 01:33
      • Indiana train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Sun Aug 31 23:38
        Ray and everybody else. I can be directly reached at or Harry Graves. PO Box 272, Salem, IN. 47167.
        • Indiana Train wrecksRay State, Sat Sep 13 01:45
          Harry, Did you receive the mail and attachments please. I would appreciate a confirmation. Ray State
          • Indiana train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Sat Sep 13 18:07
            Ray, I have been away for a couple of days. I received your e-mail and got it to download on notepad. I will get it sorted out and let you know if I have any missing wrecks for you asap. Thanks,... more
        • Indiana Train wrecksRay State, Mon Sep 1 00:36
          Ok. A mail with an Excel attachment on the way to you sometime today Ray
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