Harry Graves
train wreck
Wed Dec 3, 2008 13:10 (XFF:

Mike, still can't find the photo I will start looking for something on ths wreck and will copy to you what I find. Thanks, Harry.

  • PictureMike Maristch, Fri Aug 15 03:12
    Hello Mr. Graves, I thought maybe I should give you my email address. I wasn't sure if you are the moderator or not and I didn't see other emails addresses on this site. mvbbe@msn.com Thanks Mike... more
    • 1946 Naperville CBQ wreckGeorge Becker, Fri Jan 22 14:26
      I was 3 years old and lived less that a block from the depot. I remember hearing the crash and my father (who worked for Burlington) rushing acrossed the park to the crash cite. He was in his bedroom ... more
      • Book on Naperville Train Wreck (nm)Chuck Spinner, Wed Sep 19 12:51
        • Book on Naperville Train WreckChuck Spinner, Wed Sep 19 12:56
          Hi, Just wanted to leave a post for readers of this site to report that I have finished my book on the Naperville Train Wreck. The book is called The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing. Please... more
      • Naperville Train WreckChuck Spinner, Mon Jan 17 15:11
        George, I am just finishing a book on the Naperville train wreck and would like to ask you some questions: 1) In what capacity did you father work for the Burlington railroad? 2) What was the street... more
    • train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Wed Jul 29 15:42
      Mike, I have received several thousand Indiana train wreck photos in the last two months. Send me all the info that you have on the wreck that you need photos for. I can dig through them for that... more
      • 12.25.1910 Train wreckMike Maristch, Wed Jul 29 16:13
        Hi Mr. Graves, Thanks for responding. The train wreck I am looking for pictures of was on 12/25/1910 in near Cambridge city. According to the articles I have 1 of the trains involved was stopped at... more
        • train wreckHarry, Thu Jul 30 11:48
          Was it a passenger or freight train? Was it a collision or derailment. If you can send the article it would help. Thanks, Harry. capt_graves@peoplepc.com
          • 12/25/1910 cambridge cityMike Maristch, Thu Jul 30 16:23
            Hi Mr. Graves, I tried to email the articles about the accident to you but it would not go through under your email address. The accident was a freight train collision into the caboose of another... more
            • train wreckHarry S. Graves, Fri Jul 31 02:09
              Mike, I have a 4 inch thich photo albumn jammed full of pre-1950 freight collisions. I will look for Cambridge City and Dublin. Since the wreck appears to have happened between the two places it... more
              • train wreckMike Maristch, Fri Jul 31 03:10
                Mr. Graves thanks for your help I will wait to here from you. Mike
                • cambridge cityHarry S. Graves, Wed Aug 5 22:33
                  Mike, I have searched all of my photos and could not find what you want. If something ever does show up I will let you know. Sorry, Harry.
                  • Train WreckMichael Maristch, Thu Aug 6 03:07
                    Thank you Mr. Graves for looking through your photo's for me. Mike M.
    • train wreck — Harry Graves, Wed Dec 3 13:10
      • Indiana train wreckmike maristch, Wed Dec 3 14:03
        Thanks Mr. Grave's for looking, I will wait to hear from you. Mike
        • wreckHarry S. Graves, Thu Dec 4 11:16
          Mike, contact Ray State on this site. He may be able to assist you faster than myself. Thanks, Harry,
          • Cambridge Citymichael Maristch, Wed Dec 10 13:19
            Hello Mr. Graves I contacted Mr. State as you suggested. He stated that he didn't have a picture of this accident so I thought I would let you know and wait until you find the picture that you have . ... more
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