Michael Maristch
Cambridge City
Fri Dec 5, 2008 13:53 (XFF:

Hello Mr. State,
I have the newspaper article which I can email you, They state that on 12/25/1910 on the PRR a train was descending the 2 mile 85' grade from Dublin Indiana to Cambridge City when it struck the Caboose of another train.
I am looking for a picture of the train wreck. I was told to contact you.
You can contact through this site or by my email if it is easier.
Mike Maristch

  • Cambridge City 1910Ray State, Thu Dec 4 00:04
    Thanks for your mail. What information do you have on the Cambridge City wreck? There were three railroads NKP, PRR and CCC&StL. Also what type of accident was it.
    • Cambridge City — Michael Maristch, Fri Dec 5 13:53
      • Cambridge City 1910Ray State, Mon Dec 8 01:04
        I have a lot of pictures but not that one. I would welcome a copy of the newspaper article though and will keep an eye out for a copy. I have made my E-mail address visible. if there is any trouble... more
        • Cambridge CityMichael Maristch, Mon Dec 8 02:49
          Thanks Mr. State, for looking to see if you had a picture of this accident. Once I see your email I will be glad to send you a copy of the Train Wreck. I will let Mr. Graves Know that you did not... more
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