Crown City
Florance Cade
Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:00

Dear Sir,
Im looking for my Great grandmother? She was killed in a wreck in what is now Dunkirk Indiana.It was somewhere between the 1920 and the 1940. What i know is there was 6 people in the car and it was a very bad wreck she was kill on impack.I really dont know her name my aunt thanks she was beheaded and her name was Florance Cade and she was a lady of the evening.

Thank you,
Andrea Lee

  • Indiana train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Thu Aug 7 17:55
    I am currently looking for photos and information for a set of books that I am writing that is a photohistory of Indiana train wrecks. I currently have over 2,000 photos but am looking for a few... more
    • Florance Cade — Crown City, Wed Jul 29 12:00
      • train wrecksHarry S. Grav es, Wed Jul 29 15:25
        Ms. Lee, my rersearch is on train wrecks, derailments and collisions, and not car wrecks. Your best bet is to contact the historical societies and libraries in the areas in question. They may have... more
        • Re: train wrecksAnonymous, Thu Jul 30 20:57
          Thank You for your time and effort in tring to help me find my great grandmother.If you have anything or find anything it would be great to hear im really having a hard time finding her. Thanks for... more
    • Indiana train wrecksRay State, Tue Aug 26 00:33
      Harry, I would be interested in a copy of your books when published. Also I have some pictures but with 2000 you will already have what I have.
      • Re: Indiana train wrecksHarry Graves, Wed Dec 3 13:06
        Ray. I don't have anything that you that tou don't alreadt have. Thanks, Harry. I will e-mail you for your address once the books are ready.
        • Cambridge City 1910Ray State, Thu Dec 4 00:04
          Thanks for your mail. What information do you have on the Cambridge City wreck? There were three railroads NKP, PRR and CCC&StL. Also what type of accident was it.
          • Cambridge CityMichael Maristch, Fri Dec 5 13:53
            Hello Mr. State, I have the newspaper article which I can email you, They state that on 12/25/1910 on the PRR a train was descending the 2 mile 85' grade from Dublin Indiana to Cambridge City when it ... more
            • Cambridge City 1910Ray State, Mon Dec 8 01:04
              I have a lot of pictures but not that one. I would welcome a copy of the newspaper article though and will keep an eye out for a copy. I have made my E-mail address visible. if there is any trouble... more
              • Cambridge CityMichael Maristch, Mon Dec 8 02:49
                Thanks Mr. State, for looking to see if you had a picture of this accident. Once I see your email I will be glad to send you a copy of the Train Wreck. I will let Mr. Graves Know that you did not... more
      • Indiana train wrecksHarry Graves, Wed Aug 27 20:17
        Ray. If you could send me a list of what you have I could cross-reference my files. If you will down load to disc what you have I will see that you get a full set of books as well as credit. This... more
        • Indiana Train wrecksRay State, Thu Aug 28 01:33
          Harry: you are most kind. I will today create a list. Can you take an Exel spreadsheet? This is the easiest was as I can do a filter, merge and save quickly. Also I will need to send you the extract... more
          • Indiana train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Sun Aug 31 23:38
            Ray and everybody else. I can be directly reached at or Harry Graves. PO Box 272, Salem, IN. 47167.
            • Indiana Train wrecksRay State, Sat Sep 13 01:45
              Harry, Did you receive the mail and attachments please. I would appreciate a confirmation. Ray State
              • Indiana train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Sat Sep 13 18:07
                Ray, I have been away for a couple of days. I received your e-mail and got it to download on notepad. I will get it sorted out and let you know if I have any missing wrecks for you asap. Thanks,... more
            • Indiana Train wrecksRay State, Mon Sep 1 00:36
              Ok. A mail with an Excel attachment on the way to you sometime today Ray
      • Indiana train wrecksHarry Graves, Wed Aug 27 20:04
        If you could e-mail me a list of what you have I could cross-reference my files. If you will download them to a disc for me I will see that you get a full set of books when completed. Right now it... more
    • Re: Indiana train wrecksMike, Fri Aug 8 03:32
      Hello I have information on an Train accident that took place on 12/25/1910 near Cambridge city,Indiana, but I do not have any pictures of the accident. Are you looking for information only and is... more
      • train wrecks IndianaHarry S. Graves, Fri Aug 8 13:10
        I have a photo and info both. Thanks, Harry.
        • 12/25/1910 accidentMike M., Fri Aug 8 18:40
          Hello sir, I wrote to you this morning about information on an accident in Cambridge city on 12/25/1910. I received a response from you stating that you have a picture and information on this... more
          • Indiana train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Sat Aug 9 02:23
            Mike. I will try to find it in my files. It was a poor quality photo that I had decided not to use. Harry.
            • 1946 train wreckrocky, Fri Jan 2 19:31
              i hyave some color pics of the train wreck in naperville ill. interested? I('ll gladly send them
              • Naperville Train WreckChuck Spinner, Mon Jan 17 15:03
                Hi Rocky, I just came across your message again and my original response. After four years of research, I finished my book on the Naperville train wreck and would love to include your photographs for ... more
              • Train wreck photos..Chuck, Wed Jan 27 10:21
                Hi, I am writing a book on the Naperville train wreck, so sure, if you still have the photos, please call me at 716-763-5408. Sincerely, Chuck
                • Milan Indiana wreckmstigers, Mon Feb 15 13:10
                  Looking for information and photos of wreck in or near Milan Indiana in early 1908. A relative, Edward Stigers was the conductor and was reportedly killed instantly. Thanks for any help you can... more
            • 12/25/1910 indianamike M., Wed Oct 1 03:04
              Hello Mr. Graves. About 6 or 7 weeks ago you said you would try to find a picture that you have of the accident that happened on 12/25/1910 in Cambridge city, Indiana. The accident involved my wifes... more
              • train wreckHarry S. Graves, Wed Oct 1 03:57
                Mike, I haven't had any luck yet. A storm tore the roof of my house and that has kept me occupied lately. I am sure that I will run across it when I least expect to. Harry.
                • 12/25/1910Mike M., Thu Oct 2 02:56
                  Hi Mr. Graves, Thanks for responding, I am sorry to here about your roof. Good luck with your repairs. Mike M.
            • PictureMike M., Sat Aug 9 04:29
              Thank you for your willingness to share a copy. I look forward to seeing this picture even if it is poor quality. Thanks Mike M.
              • PictureMike Maristch, Fri Aug 15 03:12
                Hello Mr. Graves, I thought maybe I should give you my email address. I wasn't sure if you are the moderator or not and I didn't see other emails addresses on this site. Thanks Mike... more
                • 1946 Naperville CBQ wreckGeorge Becker, Fri Jan 22 14:26
                  I was 3 years old and lived less that a block from the depot. I remember hearing the crash and my father (who worked for Burlington) rushing acrossed the park to the crash cite. He was in his bedroom ... more
                  • Book on Naperville Train Wreck (nm)Chuck Spinner, Wed Sep 19 12:51
                    • Book on Naperville Train WreckChuck Spinner, Wed Sep 19 12:56
                      Hi, Just wanted to leave a post for readers of this site to report that I have finished my book on the Naperville Train Wreck. The book is called The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing. Please... more
                  • Naperville Train WreckChuck Spinner, Mon Jan 17 15:11
                    George, I am just finishing a book on the Naperville train wreck and would like to ask you some questions: 1) In what capacity did you father work for the Burlington railroad? 2) What was the street... more
                • train wrecksHarry S. Graves, Wed Jul 29 15:42
                  Mike, I have received several thousand Indiana train wreck photos in the last two months. Send me all the info that you have on the wreck that you need photos for. I can dig through them for that... more
                  • 12.25.1910 Train wreckMike Maristch, Wed Jul 29 16:13
                    Hi Mr. Graves, Thanks for responding. The train wreck I am looking for pictures of was on 12/25/1910 in near Cambridge city. According to the articles I have 1 of the trains involved was stopped at... more
                    • train wreckHarry, Thu Jul 30 11:48
                      Was it a passenger or freight train? Was it a collision or derailment. If you can send the article it would help. Thanks, Harry.
                • train wreckHarry Graves, Wed Dec 3 13:10
                  Mike, still can't find the photo I will start looking for something on ths wreck and will copy to you what I find. Thanks, Harry.
                  • Indiana train wreckmike maristch, Wed Dec 3 14:03
                    Thanks Mr. Grave's for looking, I will wait to hear from you. Mike
                    • wreckHarry S. Graves, Thu Dec 4 11:16
                      Mike, contact Ray State on this site. He may be able to assist you faster than myself. Thanks, Harry,
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