Harry S. Grav es
train wrecks
Wed Jul 29, 2009 15:25

Ms. Lee, my rersearch is on train wrecks, derailments and collisions, and not car wrecks. Your best bet is to contact the historical societies and libraries in the areas in question. They may have old newspaper articals that can help. Look up "Indiana Historical Societies" on the web. Good luck, Harry.

  • Florance Cade Crown City, Wed Jul 29 12:00
    Dear Sir, Im looking for my Great grandmother? She was killed in a wreck in what is now Dunkirk Indiana.It was somewhere between the 1920 and the 1940. What i know is there was 6 people in the car... more
    • train wrecks — Harry S. Grav es, Wed Jul 29 15:25
      • Re: train wrecksAnonymous, Thu Jul 30 20:57
        Thank You for your time and effort in tring to help me find my great grandmother.If you have anything or find anything it would be great to hear im really having a hard time finding her. Thanks for... more
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