Train wreck photos..
Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:21

Hi, I am writing a book on the Naperville train wreck, so sure, if you still have the photos, please call me at 716-763-5408. Sincerely, Chuck

  • 1946 train wreckrocky, Fri Jan 2 19:31
    i hyave some color pics of the train wreck in naperville ill. interested? I('ll gladly send them
    • Naperville Train WreckChuck Spinner, Mon Jan 17 15:03
      Hi Rocky, I just came across your message again and my original response. After four years of research, I finished my book on the Naperville train wreck and would love to include your photographs for ... more
    • Train wreck photos.. — Chuck, Wed Jan 27 10:21
      • Milan Indiana wreckmstigers, Mon Feb 15 13:10
        Looking for information and photos of wreck in or near Milan Indiana in early 1908. A relative, Edward Stigers was the conductor and was reportedly killed instantly. Thanks for any help you can... more
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