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Ray State
Hardin 1959
Thu Mar 4, 2010 14:18

Then that would be August 13th 1959 on the ATSF. The wreck was investigated by the ICC and received report no 3858 but it is not available on the net probably due to the 50 year rule.

  • Hardin, MO train crash @ 1960Marge, Thu Mar 4 09:35
    Ray, what a nice special-interest site. However, the train wreck I am referencing happened @ 1960 in Hardin, MO. We lived across the street and I went to the crash site right after it happened. My... more
    • Hardin 1959 — Ray State, Thu Mar 4 14:18
      • 1959 Hardin train wreck-ATSF?Marge, Thu Mar 4 14:22
        Ray, you certainly are sharp (I could use you helping me with genealogy). What is ATSF? Thank you, Marge
        • ATSFRay State, Thu Mar 4 23:24
          Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad now part of Burlington Northern
          • Ray State siteMarge, Fri Mar 5 08:21
            Ray, Thanks once again for your quick response to my question. You / your web site is an interesting -- and helpful -- site which creates a curiousity in me. (If you don't mind me asking) were you... more
            • An old GricerRay State, Fri Mar 5 09:22
              It is not my web site as it belongs to Kathy mother of Ben - see citations in other parts of the site. I just write for it from time to time - when I remember. I have just completed 50 years service... more
              • RayMarge, Fri Mar 5 09:45
                Train Wrecks is very fortunate to have such an experienced and knowledgeable person as a consultant/writer. Is there a possibility of you doing a book? Thank you Ray. Marge
                • Train wrecksRay State, Sat Mar 6 00:04
                  There are a number of very good books out there already. The best is Down Brakes by Robert Shaw. I would strongly recomend Train Wrecks by Robert Read which can be picked up for a song on E-bay.... more
                  • BooksMarge, Sat Mar 6 01:08
                    Okay Ray. Please know that I do not intend to monopolize your time and efforts. > Are these e-mails open to the public? When are they deleted? > I appreciate and respect your purist attitude re... more
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