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Ray State
Thu Mar 4, 2010 23:24

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad now part of Burlington Northern

  • 1959 Hardin train wreck-ATSF?Marge, Thu Mar 4 14:22
    Ray, you certainly are sharp (I could use you helping me with genealogy). What is ATSF? Thank you, Marge
    • ATSF — Ray State, Thu Mar 4 23:24
      • Ray State siteMarge, Fri Mar 5 08:21
        Ray, Thanks once again for your quick response to my question. You / your web site is an interesting -- and helpful -- site which creates a curiousity in me. (If you don't mind me asking) were you... more
        • An old GricerRay State, Fri Mar 5 09:22
          It is not my web site as it belongs to Kathy mother of Ben - see citations in other parts of the site. I just write for it from time to time - when I remember. I have just completed 50 years service... more
          • RayMarge, Fri Mar 5 09:45
            Train Wrecks is very fortunate to have such an experienced and knowledgeable person as a consultant/writer. Is there a possibility of you doing a book? Thank you Ray. Marge
            • Train wrecksRay State, Sat Mar 6 00:04
              There are a number of very good books out there already. The best is Down Brakes by Robert Shaw. I would strongly recomend Train Wrecks by Robert Read which can be picked up for a song on E-bay.... more
              • BooksMarge, Sat Mar 6 01:08
                Okay Ray. Please know that I do not intend to monopolize your time and efforts. > Are these e-mails open to the public? When are they deleted? > I appreciate and respect your purist attitude re... more
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