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1959 Hardin, MO / video of Asian
Tue May 18, 2010 11:38


Today I received a short video showing an Asian market with a train running through the center. You have probably already seen it. [ Rail_Safety.wmv (3742KB) ]

Would you want the negatives from the 1959 Hardin, MO train accident that I originally contacted you about?

Thank you, Marge

  • Hardin, 1959 train accidentRSB, Tue Mar 9 09:12
    Marge, I have also been looking for more information on the web about this wreck. Through other sources I have learned the cause of the wreck, the name of the Engineer killed, and the engine numbers... more
    • 1959 trainwreckAnonymous, Sun Jan 22 13:22
      I remeber a train wreck that may grandma talked about that happened behind here house in hardin. I remeber here talking aboutthe engineer climbing out covered in oil and burns.
    • 1959 Hardin, MO / video of Asian — Marge, Tue May 18 11:38
      • Hardin derailment 8/2/59kurails, Fri Aug 26 15:17
        Marge, I just ran across this site searching for info on the Hardin derailment, which occured on August 2, 1959. My next-door neighbor worked in the Santa Fe diesel shop in KC, and responded to the... more
      • 1959 Hardin, MO / video of AsianRSB, Tue May 18 11:51
        Marge, Please read my post: RSB Hardin, 1959 train accident Tue Mar 9, 2010 09:12 If Ray is unable to post your photos on this website, I would really like to see your pictures. I am still in contact ... more
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