Lee Laney
1905 Williams
Sun Nov 21, 2010 16:43

I just purchased a photo of a train wreck at Williams AZ. Looks like ti could be 1905. I can scan and send you a copy with your email address.

Lee Laney
Chico CA

  • Williams, AZ. Jan 31, 1905john_beckham, Thu Jul 8 13:50
    My great grandfather was killed in a train collision Williams, AZ. Jan 31, 1905. Yet I can't find any information other than what was written by a relative, who also stated it was photographed. Any... more
    • 1905 Williams — Lee Laney, Sun Nov 21 16:43
      • Re: 1905 Williamsjohn_beckham, Sun Nov 21 17:39
        that would be great! john_beckham@sbcglobal.net
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