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Pj Sisseck
Hardin MO train wreck, 1959
Fri Apr 6, 2012 17:23

I would like more information on this accident, too. My grandmother's double-first cousin, Ray A Staubus, died as a result of it. His Missouri Death Certificate (59-030109) says it was a head-on collision.

  • 1959 Hardin Train WreckAnonymous, Wed Jan 25 16:09
    I under stand you may have pictures of the train wreck that happened in hardin MO In 1959. I remember my grandmother talking about this wreck because it happened behind here house. If you have... more
    • Hardin MO train wreck, 1959 — Pj Sisseck, Fri Apr 6 17:23
      • ray staubusB Cochran, Tue Jul 30 14:57
        PJ, Ray Staubus was my next door neighbor when he was killed. I was 10 years old at the time but grew up next door to Ray and his wife Minnie. When Minnie died in January of 1986 I was a pallbearer... more
        • Ray StaubusPj Sisseck, Tue Jul 30 16:40
          Thank you for your response, it is appreciated. Would you have access to obituaries for Ray and Minnie? They would be valuable to me in my Genealogy research. Do you know of any descendants of Ray... more
      • Re: Hardin MO train wreck, 1959Anonymous, Fri Apr 6 17:54
        The story i know is the work train on the side track was sent on to the main track the incoming mail trains was late causing a head on collision killing one of the engineers. This wreck happened... more
        • Hardin, MO 1959 Train WreckMarge, Sun Jun 10 23:15
          Whenever I am able to locate the couple of pictures from the 1959 Hardin, MO wreck, I will be happy to post them for whomever. > I would be interested to know who "Anonymous'" grandmother was because ... more
          • Hardin wreckAndrew Taylor, Sun Mar 26 13:42
            Did you find pictures? Am involved with a Santa Fe historical group that is interested in seeing them. Thanks
          • hardin train wreckmarvin dady, Sun Aug 21 15:25
            i went back to the centinnial years ago. my mother grew up in hardin. her maiden name was de mint. this is when i first heard about the wreck. iwould also like to know more about it
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