train wreck circ 1900-engine 89
Thu Feb 21, 2013 18:20

I have an old post card picture circ 1900. That came from my grandparents 1914 home in Durant, Mississippi. There is not ID on card or writing. They had family from central Mississippi, Memphis, TN and, Jonesboro, Arkansas area.

The number on the old steam engine appears to be “89”.
The number on the FRONT end of the car appears to be “ ? CFS ? & ? 7349”
The number on the SIDE of the car appears to be “? CFS ? 9734 ?” to match the front number.

I tried to get in touch with Robert C. Reed author "Train Wrecks," but an obit stated that he died of cancer June 2012 in his home in Old Town, Alexandria.

I coud not find any answers on this website’s “How to research train wrecks.”
If anyone has any suggestions, I will be glad to send an attachment of the picture. I do have and use Microsoft Essentials for virus protection.

Thank you,
AC Peeples

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