Ray State
Buffalo Union- Carolina Railroad
Sun Apr 5, 2015 02:50

The BUC was strictly not formed until 1922. Before that it was Union and Glen Springs although the start date of 1905 is correct. The website abandonedrailroads.homestead.com/sc_BUC.html has pictures but again no dates.

  • Buffalo Union-Carolina RailroadRobert, Sat May 17 19:19
    Researching Buffalo Union Carolina Railroad; which ran from 1905-1950 in Union county, SC. Pretty sure of at least 2 train wrecks, but have no idea of dates. Anybody got any ideas? thanks, Robert
    • Buffalo Union- Carolina Railroad — Ray State, Sun Apr 5 02:50
      • Train wreckphilag, Sat Oct 15 05:31
        Ray, I live in Union and my father worked for Southern Railway. I think it was early 70's, I remember local flooding that occurred here. A crew was on the way to work Lockhart mill & encountered a... more
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