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Ray State
Buffalo Union- Carolina Railroad
Sun Apr 5, 2015 02:50

The BUC was strictly not formed until 1922. Before that it was Union and Glen Springs although the start date of 1905 is correct. The website has pictures but again no dates.

  • Buffalo Union-Carolina RailroadRobert, Sat May 17 19:19
    Researching Buffalo Union Carolina Railroad; which ran from 1905-1950 in Union county, SC. Pretty sure of at least 2 train wrecks, but have no idea of dates. Anybody got any ideas? thanks, Robert
    • Buffalo Union- Carolina Railroad — Ray State, Sun Apr 5 02:50
      • Train wreckphilag, Sat Oct 15 05:31
        Ray, I live in Union and my father worked for Southern Railway. I think it was early 70's, I remember local flooding that occurred here. A crew was on the way to work Lockhart mill & encountered a... more
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