McGregor Family Bible
Wed Jan 28, 2009 08:23

I have had a McGregor Family Bible,that dates back to the mid 1800's,for about 20 years now and would like to find the proper owners. Geneology starts here John McGregor b. 12 September 1834 Sarah McGregor b. 24 November 1834 or 8. I believe John and Sarah were married in 1857. Born to this couple were
1. Sarayann 29 March 1858 d.3 June 1868
2. James 23 June 1859 or 60 (possibly married 1880)
d. 25 April 1881
3. John H.B. 23 January 1864
4. Sarayann 16 June (?) 1866
5. Janet G. (?) 14 January 187?
6. Mary 21 November 1875
7. Maggie 14 January 1882 d. 21 August 1883
Sarah McGregor died 22 April 1913, this is the last entry in the Bible.

Help me get this back to the people it belongs to.
Thank You
Michael W. Campbell

    • Colorado MacGregorsGregor Lass, Sun Feb 1 16:54
      I am curious to know whether there is any connection between this family bible and the famous MacGregor Ranch in Estes Park, CO. They raised Angus beef, of course. Here is a link to the history and... more
      • MacGregor Ranch Estes Park COLarry McGregor, Mon Jun 29 09:22
        I do not have info on the family bible, but I do on the McGregor family back in Alburg, VT. If you will contact me directly I can provide more information. Larry
        • McGregor Family Alburg VtLaura barker, Mon Aug 31 13:29
          Hi Larry, I would be interested in the information you have on the McGregor Family in Alburg Vt.
          • McG Family Alburg VTlarry mcgregor, Tue Sep 1 16:59
            Laura Barker: My email is larryexpl@aol.com. Send me a note as to what you would like to know and I will share info with you. Since I am leaving on a trip in the morning, I will be unable to respond... more
        • MacGregor Ranch in ColoradoLois Ann Garlitz, Tue Jun 30 01:41
          The name of the book about it is "Facing the Frontier - The Story of the MacGregor Ranch" by Betty D. Freudenburg. She and her husband were among the guests at ACGS's annual Gathering in Denver in... more
        • Estes Park MacGregorsDonald Motter, MacGregor of Tuleburg, Mon Jun 29 16:17
          I have seen a book complete with a lot of photos, about the Estes Park MacGregors. I seem to recall that they settled in that area and set up a large ranch. Later one of that family got into politics ... more
          • Estes Park MacGregorsDonald Motter, MacGregor of Tuleburg, Mon Jun 29 16:21
            There is a Scottish Game held at Estes Park. For meany years the person in charge was a MacGregor "The Highlander" has carried a listing for that event. There should be a web site or at least an... more
    • McGregor Family BibleCarolynn Black, Wed Jan 28 09:14
      Welcome Mikeca, What a generous posting and gracious offering. Looks like you have been a wonderful guardian of a family legacy! I do hope that someone can come forth and identify the McGregor Family ... more
      • McGregor Family Biblemikeca, Thu Jan 29 15:03
        Hi Carolynn No there is no indication of where the McGregors of this bible came from. I do have the name of a Lady in Ocoma Colorado, just south of me, that might have some information. I have a... more
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