2014 gathering
Sat Oct 13, 2012 02:36

I've just found out that the dates for the gathering have changed!! I have already booked accommodation and organised with my employer to get my leave for specific dates.

Are these dates final now? And what of the other events and dates? Hopefully, someone can give us the true details.

Col McGregor

    • 2014 GatheringRichard McGregor, Sat Oct 13 10:04
      We have been disappointed with the way things have turned out. The National Trust are doing a re-enactment on the weekend of the 24th but if it is in the Stirling area I personally can't see how they ... more
      • Gathering 2014Joan MacGregor, Sun Oct 14 04:21
        So many people will have already made plans to come to the 2014 Gathering and, as accommodation has been booked I'd support continuing with the Clan's existing plans, going it alone if necessary (so... more
      • Re: 2014 GatheringColMc, Sat Oct 13 18:23
        Thanks for the reply Richard. We will still be going over no matter what happens. The primary reason for us going is to meet Gregors from around the world. It would be appreciated if you could keep... more
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