Richard McGregor
Announcement re 2014
Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:28

The following announcement will be sent to all those who have reserved accommodation for the original dates of the Clan Gathering:


We have been aware for a short time that events originally planned for Stirling on July 11 to 13 were in doubt so, while not surprised, we have been disappointed with the way things have turned out. The National Trust are doing a re-enactment on the weekend of the 28th – 30th June but assuming that it is in the Stirling area we cannot see how they will be able to accommodate more than 5000 maximum of an audience at any one event. Clearly there will be other events that weekend but it will not be on the scale of 2009. An additional problem for the weekend on the 28th – 30th June is that there are only a limited number of beds for accommodation in the Stirling area which was the Society’s reason for booking early in the first place.

On the basis of those early announcements the Clan Gregor Society has booked and paid deposits for accommodation for 11-21 July at Stirling University. Having given this very serious thought and having gauged opinion from members by way of the various Facebook sites, the Society (like some other clans who have commented on this) has decided to stay with the original 11-21 July dates. In place of the original Stirling events we will now build it clan-based visits to Bannockburn and Stirling Castle and a sail on Loch Lomond instead. There may also be the opportunity to include a visit to a Highland Games. Clan members may wish to take in both the Bannockburn-based event and the Clan Gregor Society International Gathering by spending time touring Britain in between. Alternatively, you may wish to stay on in Scotland for a while to attend the Commonwealth Games which begin on July 23 through to August 3 in Glasgow.

Since the International Gathering of the Clan Gregor Society will remain on 11 -21 July if you wish to CANCEL your accommodation booking PLEASE TELL US NOW. We would also appreciate e-mail CONFIRMATION of your intention to still attend.

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