Family Tree DNA Test
Mon Nov 26, 2012 04:48

My cousin Katherine(Gregg)Welser and myself went together to purchase a Family Tree DNA 37 marker test for her brother Al Gregg to sample for our ancestry. How long does it take to get results once the sample is sent to Texas? Does anyone think we might have results before Christmas? Al should be able to complete the test by December 1st or 2nd and have it in the mail. We're all excited to find out the results.

Word of mouth has it that our ancestors (Gregg or McGregor)were in the Ulster Plantation from Scotland in the earlier 1600's and then left there for Orange County, New York, in the early 1720's or so. Do we need to let Dr. Richard McGregor know that information for the Clan Gregor DNA Project? There is a question in the form for the test which asks where our ancestors were from. Word of mouth is the best we have at the moment since we cannot trace back to the Ulster Plantation or to Scotland with any complete assurance.

    • RE: Family Tree DNA Testtomwdcraftr 881, Tue Nov 27 03:47
      I returned my test last week, and am also looking forward to the results. I did my test through Clan MacMillan, due to my McMillan surname. Someone who's experienced this may know more, but I did a... more
    • Re: Family Tree DNA TestJames King, Tue Nov 27 03:44
      Deborah: Once the samples have been sent, it usually takes about 10 days for the initial (12 marker) results to come in, followed in another 10 days for the 25 marker results to come in. It's going... more
      • DNA testingDeborah Wilmoth, Wed Nov 28 00:37
        Jim, Thanks for the time estimate on the DNA marker results. I can tell you that we are looking for information on the first Hugh Gregg born about 1725 Slush Hill, Fermanaugh (or Gragg) that came to... more
        • Re: DNA testingJames King, Wed Nov 28 01:28
          Deborah: So far, can't find a connection with your Gregg family with my two related Gregg families, but will be happy to send you what I've got. Email me at Jim
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