Deborah Wilmoth
DNA testing
Wed Nov 28, 2012 00:37


Thanks for the time estimate on the DNA marker results. I can tell you that we are looking for information on the first Hugh Gregg born about 1725 Slush Hill, Fermanaugh (or Gragg) that came to Orange County, New York and died about 1758 in Blaggs Cove (now Blooming Grove, NY). My cousin and I need a copy of the church records if available. He was buried in Vail Gate Cemetery, Orange County, NY. I think there might have been a Hugh Gregg before him in Ulster who was his father, but no proof yet.

If you have any Robert Gregg or Hugh Gregg in your line, let me know. The 2nd(?) Hugh Gregg born in 1745 we think could have been a volunteer in the Revolutionary War, but we can't prove it yet. The 3rd(?) Hugh Gregg, born 1784, who was married to a Jane Mansfield served in the War of 1812 and we have his discharge papers. There is a James Harvey Gregg born 1837 who served in the Civil War and we have his discharge papers. My grandfather, Clarence Elmer Gregg, was born to James Harvey Gregg and Henrietta Howe in 1870.

Let me know how you would like to share information. I am happy to know more of the Gregg/McGregor/MacGregors. The history certainly is interesting.

  • Re: Family Tree DNA TestJames King, Tue Nov 27 03:44
    Deborah: Once the samples have been sent, it usually takes about 10 days for the initial (12 marker) results to come in, followed in another 10 days for the 25 marker results to come in. It's going... more
    • DNA testing — Deborah Wilmoth, Wed Nov 28 00:37
      • Re: DNA testingJames King, Wed Nov 28 01:28
        Deborah: So far, can't find a connection with your Gregg family with my two related Gregg families, but will be happy to send you what I've got. Email me at Jim
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