Wayne Borrowman
Borrowman family story
Tue Dec 11, 2012 09:15

I don't know if this helps, but my great, great, great, great grandfather, William Borrowman born 1779 - 4 years after the proscription was listed, immigrated from Scotland to Ontario, Canada. His father John Barrowman told the family they were Macgregors. My great-aunt Harriet Borrowman Lovell, our family historian, cited William's wife as her source.
The first Barrowman in our line was born in a village west of Edinburgh, in 1634, 30 years after the proscription against the Macgregor name was instituted.
At this time, all Macgregors had changed their name because the men were being slaughtered, women branded and children given to lowland families. The first Barrowman would have been a victim of this early clan genocide either forced out of the highlands or torn from his parents as a child.

  • Your family tree-BarrowmanCarolynn Black, Tue Jan 22 10:08
    Hello Brad, That's wonderful! Are your kin part of the American Clan Gregor Society? Clan Gregor Society (in Scotland)? The name Barrowman sounds familiar. It will be great when your uncle in Florida ... more
    • Borrowman family story — Wayne Borrowman, Tue Dec 11 09:15
      • Re: Borrowman family storyAnonymous, Thu Mar 27 11:28
        William Borrowman is my 6x grandfather. I always wanted to know the story of the MacGregor clan. My grand father told me a story about them and I always wanted to confirm it. But I was having a hard... more
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        Well, well....clan Gregor related to Captain Jack Harkness? That brings a big smile. Update on me. Divorced and moved out of WA state now. My son and I decided to start a new adventure - we we moved... more
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