Wendy Turner
Mon Dec 23, 2013 09:13

Dear Richard

Unfortunately he died with cancer. He was only recently diagnosed and had just started a course of chemo therapy but he was taken away from all of us much quicker than we envisaged. He was still doing his job and had planned to go to work on Thursday but Diane (his wife) found him dead in his bed.

He was talented, intellectual, had a wonderful sense of humour and all in all a very nice person.

I have five of his oil paintings on my walls I have always loved them, he knew how much I appreciated his art and on every special occasion he did a painting for me - they are very treasured.

My husband and I have had some wonderful times with Alistair and his family all beautiful memories.


  • Alistair FerieRichard A. Walker, Tampa, Fl, Mon Dec 23 08:56
    Wendy, Thank you very much. May I ask what took this superlative man from our midst? Was it an accident, illness, or mayhem? I read a maxim that went, "We are not just on this Earth, we are part of... more
    • Alistair — Wendy Turner, Mon Dec 23 09:13
      • Re: AlistairAnonymous, Wed Feb 12 00:00
        Sorry to hear the sad news of Ally, he was a unique guy.
      • Missing AlistairDelilah, Mon Dec 23 23:36
        I know, my family and I, are so sadden by his passing. We know he loved The Lord and has taken his place in heaven. So the good part is we will see him again. I can imagine him walking the streets of ... more
      • Alistair FerieRichard A. Walker, Tampa, Fl, Mon Dec 23 09:23
        Wendy, I am in you debt for this information. I know other clan members who knew him for a long or short time will benefit from you information. For those of us who do not have his mailing address,... more
        • addressWendy Turner, Mon Dec 23 09:48
          I would not like to supply the address without the permission of his family, I will be speaking to them tomorrow and I will get back to you. Wendy
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