McGregor tree
Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:01

Cousin Erika:

Recently received your message. The Children of the Mist Message Board is seldom used currently, as most recent messages can be sent to The Clan Gregor Society webpage. My background is mainly on those MacGregor families who took the surname of King, Johnson or Black, but I would strongly recommend your male cousins have their DNA tested; once those results are in, have them submit those results to the Clan Gregor DNA Project for imput into the project for placement.

I am a MacGregor researcher who has compiled the first 30 generations of the MacGregor family, but it may end a generation or two before your first ancestors. Will be happy to share what I've got. Let me know if you'd like this information.

If you're family history is true, the connection would be with the Ciar Mohr branch of the family (Rob Roy). This is of special interest to me, because the King, Johnson and Black families are all Ciar Mohr MacGregors (Rob Roy was my 2nd cousin, about 9 times removed).

Please keep me updated, and let me know the kit number used for the DNA analyses so I can track it. If you have any questions, you can contact Dr. Richard McGregor of the Clan Gregor DNA Project (he is also the administrator of the Clan Gregor Society (U.K.).

Cousin James King
Artesia, NM, USA

  • McGregor treeErika Gower-Gillan, Thu Jun 11 13:33
    Talked to a relative today whose fatherinlaw was my grandmothers brother. They being born McGregors.Supposedly my gr.grandfather Duncan McGregor was told by fis father also Duncan McGregor that my... more
    • McGregor tree — james king, Sat Jun 13 10:01
      • MacGregorsE.L.Gower-Gillan, Sat Jun 13 10:44
        Dear James. I would love to see your info. you mention. I am amazed at the fact you've researched back so far. I definitely will try to have a cousin do a DNA test ,will have to find out the cost... more
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