Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:44

Dear James.
I would love to see your info. you mention. I am amazed at the fact you've researched back so far. I definitely will try to have a cousin do a DNA test ,will have to find out the cost since he will do it. If we can arrange it I will definitely send the sample to the Clan MacGregor site. My cousin Brent MCGregor is the son of William McGregor Jr. who was the son of William McGregor Sr. who was the son of Duncan McGregor Jr. who was the son of Duncan McGregor Sr. who was the son of John McGregor who emigrated to Renfrew On. Canada with his wife Catherine(we believe also born a McGregor) circa 1830-1831. I have not found his birth in Scotland records yet,or marriage. The family believe his parents were a Duncan and possibly Margaret McGregor. All we know was he came over from Perth,and his date of birth on tombstone says June.10.1800,he died in 1886 in Renfrew On. Canada.Children born here were Isabella 1832-1832,Duncan 1833-1912,Gregor 1836-1911,John 1837-1912,Catherine 1840-1907,Margaret 1842-1903.This is all we know of. also John McGregor and his wife Catherine supposedly same age or closeto each other in age. Seems late to be starting children for the era. There was a McGregor bible that came with him in 1830-1831 but it was lost in the depression in a fire at my grandparents house. My grandmother Marion Louisa McGregor-Gillan told me it was old when it came over and had the dates of births and marriages etc. from Scotland as well as Canada. all that priceless info.lost. So am having hard time placing where and when John and Catherine were married.I believe i had email contact possibly with Dr. richard McGregor on this old website before. He was interesting to communicate with like yourself. Well I am running on . look forward to your info.
Sincerely, Erika

  • McGregor treejames king, Sat Jun 13 10:01
    Cousin Erika: Recently received your message. The Children of the Mist Message Board is seldom used currently, as most recent messages can be sent to The Clan Gregor Society webpage. My background is ... more
    • MacGregors — E.L.Gower-Gillan, Sat Jun 13 10:44
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