Chris Davis '86-'90
Be Patient, They Will Come.....Homers that is.
Fri Apr 15, 2005 9:39am (XFF:,

It sometimes takes a while before you realize that a certain part of your life will not go away. It took me fifteen years to realize that. I had no idea that there was such a place on the internet until a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have found it my mind has been flooded with memories that I forgot were there. I am still trying to find people from my era and have been somewhat succesful but trying to find more. It always seems that the ones you want to find are always harder to do so. Be patient and eventually you will find whom you are looking for. THE EIGHTY'S RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missing a Huge PortionScott McKee 88-92, Fri Apr 15 8:31am
    You are right Kristina, everyone here has pulled together and found people from their generations of a few years ago. We are missing a huge portion of our generation. Namely the mid to late 80's on... more
    • our generation kimberly fuller 91-92, Thu Jul 10 7:59am
      I remember you. I don't know if you will remember me by name. I just recently found this website. How have you been? Are you in touch with anyone else from our time? I would love to reconnect with... more
    • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Fri May 6 6:21am
      I thought Daisy and Harry had the cool people.
      • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Fri May 6 7:55am
        When I was there the kids at Daisy and Harry were in Middle School. So maybe they were the cool kids of the Jr. High gang!! :)
        • Jr high?Kristina Keeling 99-02, Tue Oct 25 9:48pm
          It wasnt middle school kids when i was there! I was the oldest in the unit...i was there till i was 17 then they moved me to Perkins. But yea the "cool gurlz" were in harry merideth lol
    • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Thu May 5 12:05pm
      I graduated in '85, and we only had about 15 kids. I was there summer 83-may 85, and those 3 classes 84,85 and 86 are definitely the least represented here. A lot of us were, for lack of a better... more
      • MissingJeff Keese (Bridwell) 86-87, Sun Nov 12 9:15pm
        It really does seem like the ones from when I was there are not here. What could have happened? I guess alot of us got caught up in life and just never thought of looking into the past till now. I... more
    • Be Patient, They Will Come.....Homers that is. — Chris Davis '86-'90, Fri Apr 15 9:39am
      • I wish i could go backAmy Warner Gunn 85-89, Thu Jun 29 2:51am
        It took me a long time to find this site on the internet actually i didnt know there was such a site.Me and Scott found each other on classmates and he told me about this site.Wow i am glad he did.So ... more
        • Re: I wish i could go backShirley Couch 87-89, Fri Nov 18 9:57am
          I love you Amy and I have missed you terribly!
          • Shirley CouchAmy Warner Ellis, Sat Nov 19 1:26am
            Wow Shirley did you notice I posted that message in June of 2006? Told you I been looking for you
          • Shirley CouchAmy Warner Ellis, Sat Nov 19 1:21am
            Shirley I love you too and I can not wait to talk to you and catch up OMG I have been thinking about you all these years and I have searched for you like the past 5 or 6 years. Yay I am so glad you... more
        • Shirley CouchJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 21 1:11am
          Hi there Amy. I may be able to help. Have you located Shirley yet? She went to school with me in Denison, TX. for a while. I will call a few friends that are on the City Council who went to school... more
          • Shirley CouchAnonymous, Sun Oct 22 7:37pm
            • Re: Shirley CouchJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sun Oct 22 8:28pm
              I'll get right on it. I should have some luck by Friday.
              • Shirley CouchAnonymous, Thu Oct 26 7:39pm
                Hey Jennie did ya have any luck?
      • kdixie77486@aol.comKaren Spence, Mon Apr 25 12:08am
        The 80s did rule and always will, from parachute pants, break-dancing, to loud colors and Van Halen (when david was still lead). This era will always hold a special place in my heart and "The Home"... more
        • 80's ruleRay Gray, Wed Oct 18 12:44am
          Hey did you know Brandi Story? If so have you heard from her? I was in Cora Lee until they moved us boys up to Bridwell or Birdwell.
          • Re: 80's rule1981 to 1988, Thu Oct 19 8:29am
            I knew Brandy Story. I haven't heard anything from her since she left the Home, so sorry. Good Luck!
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