Arledge Brashers
Re: yall r not old!
Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:55pm (XFF:,

Of course some of us are old .....

My wife Peggy Patterson was there from 1942 to 1954

As General MacArthur said

Considering my date of birth - if I was not old I'd be dead......

  • yall r not old!kristina keeling 99-02, Mon Apr 18 1:14pm
    no no! im not saying your old i just meant i dont know anyone on here and i was hoping some people i was there with would be on here lol sorry! i really didnt mean that!
    • Re: yall r not old! — Arledge Brashers, Mon Apr 18 6:55pm
      • Re: yall r not old!kristina keeling 99-02, Tue Apr 19 2:07pm
        lol o well i was directing that to the person that commented on my post...
        • Kristina Keeling99-01, Wed Jun 28 12:58am
          Hey girlie you must not get on much anymore...I'm just wondering where you are at now and how things are going...I have 2 kids now 1 is 3 the other is 1 month. Life is great I'm married (going on 2... more
          • Re: Kristina KeelingKristina Keeling 99-02, Thu Jun 29 5:51pm
            Hey girl. Geez everyone is married and has kiddos now...cept for me i guess. I live in Arlington now and work at a law firm and im bankruptcy specialist/acct manager. I live with my gf kim...weve... more
            • Kristina????, Tue Jul 4 11:02pm
              omg...i can't believe we are talking brings back memories....i'm glad you have an awsome job.....I'll send you my addy when we get moved into my apt.
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