Re: Car
Tue Apr 19, 2005 7:01pm (XFF:,

yea i whent there in may of 99 and it had been gone for a few years already supposedly some one took it and whent off campus and got drunk or something! i just didnt know if it was true or not.

  • CarPastor Jennie Barnett-Owen 88=91, Tue Apr 19 6:54pm
    Yep. It was a huge old ugly car. One girl in Daisy had it a couple of times. She was a year or two older than I and was dating a cowboy on campus. Do you know who I am talking about Scottie? If I see ... more
    • Re: Car — Anonymous, Tue Apr 19 7:01pm
      • Re: CarAnonymous, Wed Apr 20 12:02pm
        People back since I don't know how long all ways took the cars where they weren't suppose to and some even did go drinking. I guess it was the ones that got caught that caused others not to have the... more
      • carPastor Jennie Barnett-Owen, Tue Apr 19 7:21pm
        That may have been the case but rumors to spread like wildflowers there. What unit were you in? Were the Thrasher's still there?
        • Re: carkristina keeling 99-02, Wed Apr 20 1:46pm
          thrashers? no never heard...when i was in harry merideth for 2 years it was structured care..we had staff on shifts no home parents...then i was in perkins for a year and i had the millers and the... more
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