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Wed Apr 20, 2005 12:02pm (XFF:,

People back since I don't know how long all ways took the cars where they weren't suppose to and some even did go drinking. I guess it was the ones that got caught that caused others not to have the cars.
We had people take the cars out of town, but they all ways got caught and when you get caught you get punished.

  • Re: CarAnonymous, Tue Apr 19 7:01pm
    yea i whent there in may of 99 and it had been gone for a few years already supposedly some one took it and whent off campus and got drunk or something! i just didnt know if it was true or not.
    • Re: Car — Anonymous, Wed Apr 20 12:02pm
    • carPastor Jennie Barnett-Owen, Tue Apr 19 7:21pm
      That may have been the case but rumors to spread like wildflowers there. What unit were you in? Were the Thrasher's still there?
      • Re: carkristina keeling 99-02, Wed Apr 20 1:46pm
        thrashers? no never heard...when i was in harry merideth for 2 years it was structured care..we had staff on shifts no home parents...then i was in perkins for a year and i had the millers and the... more
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