Re: Missing a Huge Portion
Fri May 6, 2005 7:55am (XFF:,

When I was there the kids at Daisy and Harry were in Middle School. So maybe they were the cool kids of the Jr. High gang!! :)

  • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Fri May 6 6:21am
    I thought Daisy and Harry had the cool people.
    • Re: Missing a Huge Portion — Anonymous, Fri May 6 7:55am
      • Jr high?Kristina Keeling 99-02, Tue Oct 25 9:48pm
        It wasnt middle school kids when i was there! I was the oldest in the unit...i was there till i was 17 then they moved me to Perkins. But yea the "cool gurlz" were in harry merideth lol
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