Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95
My first and only séance… was it only me?
Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:27pm (XFF:

But don’t ask the Harrisons, they still think that I was holding a séance on the back porch when it _really_ was just me showing the girls how to meditate. :D

I lived in Perkins home unit and we couldn’t really do much that day because it was raining outside. One of the girls told me that if you were to hold four unsharpened pencils in two groups end to end (one person per two pencils.) that you could ask spirits questions. I believe they would move inward for yes, and outward for no. So I ran around the house trying to find enough pencils. And a group of us sat on the landing in the Perkins house, and I started to ask questions. It was kind of cool, the pencils would move and then move back into position. But after asking a couple of questions I decided I wanted to know if it was my Mom. So I asked, “Yes” was the response. I was still unsure about the whole “pencils thing” so I asked again. “Is this _really_ Mom?” The pencils moved together just as they had with the other questions but then the two ends broke contact and there was a crash of thunder and all the power went out in the house. The girls screamed and ran to their rooms. I could only sit there with my two pencils… they didn’t want to try it again, though I didn’t have to ask…

    • Dawn?Veronica Salazar 89-94, Sun Sep 28 1:23am
      Is this the Dawn I lived with at Prothro who always wore black and listened to the Cure all the time? I was the one who was madly in love with Michael Solis and you were really good friends of his
      • It is me, Michael!!!!Michael Solis, Fri Apr 19 12:39pm
        I still remember you Dawn and Veronica Salazar. I'm an Austin dude. How have yall been?
      • You just described half the girls in the home at the time...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Sat Oct 4 10:52pm
        But I remember you, I lived with your sister in Doss, and I don't mean to embarass you but we were suspended once at the same time, you had cut your hair or something. Oh yeah, and we were in GC... more
        • OMGChanda Clark (CC) 89-92, Sun Jul 20 12:21pm
          Dawn I remember the pencils in Perkins. And I remember being in GC together. I also remember getting into an arugument with you and saying that when the color of your eye starts to moved bad things... more
          • IndependentKimberly Fuller 91-92, Mon Aug 25 12:14am
            I remember you. We were in Independent together I think. Didn't you work at Pizza Hut? One weekend almost everyone got busted drinking. I was out of town that weekend.
        • so many memorieschance pearson, Wed Apr 10 7:39am
          Hey dawn this is chancey. Man I'm so glade that I stumbled on this web page. Just reading all of the other homers found memories of what it was like for them at that time.We were all kids trying to... more
          • ReunionDawn Robinson 91-95, Mon May 20 7:47am
            They have one every year at Easter just like they did when we were there.
          • Re: so many memoriesMazell(Hawkins)Stafford, Thu Apr 11 10:54am
            Chance, you just missed it. We have one every year at Easter week-end & boy is it neat to be able to visit with old friends & all the activities we do then. Headquarters are usually at the Hilton but ... more
          • ReunionMaryAnn Blake 87-94', Thu Apr 11 5:41am
            Chance, Every year MCH has Homecomming the weekend of Easter. It is a time many meet back in Waco share stories, tour the units and as always host the annual softball game.
        • ProthoVeronica Salazar 89-94, Mon Oct 6 9:04am
          Did you live in the same homeunit as I, when Sarah Morgan, Brandy Pearson and I sneaked out the house in the middle of the night to go to the gym to meet up with Joe Gonzalez, Chancy Pearson and John ... more
          • I was never one to sneak out...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Fri Oct 10 2:08pm
            I snuck out a couple of times, but that wasn't one of them. I always did stupid st when I snuck out, I never did meet up with a guy when I did. I heard about a lot of it though.
          • Re: ProthoClara Frank, Tue Oct 7 5:17pm
            I wasnt there the years you were mine was in 67 to 69 I hope you the best in years to come. My life is grand I have 2 boys and 1 daughter they are all grown and I also have 7 soon to be 8 grand... more
          • Re: ProthoAnonymous, Tue Oct 7 5:15pm
            I wasnt there the years you were mine was in 67 to 69 I hope you the best in years to come. My life is grand I have 2 boys and 1 daughter they are all grown and I also have 7 soon to be 8 grand... more
        • GCVeronica Salazar 89-94, Mon Oct 6 8:55am
          I can I forget GC, I lived at the home for nearly 5 years and spent most of my time at GC. I remember some of the staff, Rhonda, Mrs Courtney, Rhett, and the teachers, Mrs Williams, Mrs Downs, Mark I ... more
          • I've been wanting to go.Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Fri Oct 10 1:58pm
            I might actually make it this year to the reunion. I have an 8 month old boy. I remember some of the staff, remember we used to call Mark the "Gripper". I was only in GC a couple of times. I was... more
      • Dawn FergusonDamon Ragan 88-90, Mon Sep 29 4:18pm
        Please let me know if someone gets in touch with Dawn F. I would love catch up on old times....I lived at Williams for awhile and then at Bridwell...and had the biggest crush on Dawn...she knew... more
        • DawnAmy "Warner"Ellis 85-89, Tue Sep 30 7:20am
          Im not to sure of her link but I know she has a myspace Page like alot of us.you may try there to find her
    • I was there!Julia (Julie) Sonka 89-91, Wed Apr 25 11:46am
      Hi Dawn, I was there for the seance. We had it just like you described in the Perkins loft. I remember Mrs. Burris freaking out about it too. The funny thing is that I was thinking of this incident... more
      • Wild times eh?Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Tue May 1 7:00am
        Yeah that was crazy! I think about the home a lot actually always have, I hope you find the homers you're looking for. Have you thought about going to one of the reunions on Easter?
    • HelloGordon Simmons 92-96, Mon Oct 9 3:19pm
      Hello, Not sure if you remember me and I am not even sure if I remember you but the name sounds familiar. I was at the boys ranch. Shoot me back if you remember.
      • I think I can... I think I can...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Wed Oct 25 10:39am
        I think I remember your name as well, I just can't put a face to it. I went to a cookout at the boys ranch once during the time you where there, so I'm sure I knew _of_ you, even if I didn't know you ... more
      • Re: HelloJean Sayers (89-91), Wed Oct 11 1:58am
        Dawn, were you the one that had a bunch of journals from your mom I think we shared a bathroom.haha Would love to talk Jena Sayers Volpe
        • jean sayersrachel, Sun Oct 29 7:50am
          i was just wondering if you were the same jean that live in west.
          • Re: jean sayersJean Sayers (89-91), Sun Oct 29 1:54pm
            No I was in daisy and Prothro but if you are rachel j. I remember you.
            • jean sayersrachel jernigan, Mon Oct 30 8:05am
              who was your roommate in daisey.
        • Uh...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Wed Oct 25 10:41am
          Well, I had a couple of journals that were mine, but not my moms, what home unit were you in?
          • Re: Uh...Jean Sayers (89-91), Wed Oct 25 5:17pm
            Daisy at the time Im thinking of then Prothro
            • OkayDawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Fri Oct 27 11:12am
              I lived in Prothro just out of Fondren. Sorry my memory is kind of fuzzy when trying to place you.
              • Re: OkayJean Sayers (89-91), Fri Oct 27 9:43pm
                I think I may have confused you with another Dawn sorry.
                • remember mejune ewing 1970-1975, Sat Oct 28 2:02pm
                  does anyone out there remember me?was june ewing have a sister debbie ewing.also still looking for micheal leon burson,anyone know how he and his sister teri is doing.thanks june.anyone want to... more
                • Re: OkayJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 28 8:46am
                  Jean, are you thinking of the Dawn who had brown curly hair? She went to the GC school as well? Let me know. Also, I am still looking for Shirley. Elections are coming up and most of my friends in... more
    • sounds weirdMr&Mrs Ward (Sammy&Trisha), Mon Sep 18 8:31pm
      Dear Dawn,,we talk and think of you often,,did you go to NY? where are you now,,we know you have done well at whatever you have done,,please let us know how life is treating you,,with Love and fond... more
      • WOW!!!!Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Wed Oct 25 10:45am
        It is so good to hear from you, the email address is current if you want to email me. Yes I did go to New York! I spent two years there, before moving to GA and now back in TX, but on my way to try... more
        • Remember Mee?Claudia, Wed Nov 8 8:53pm
          Hey it's me claudia just wanted to put it out there that i was in the perkins unit. Of the year 93-94 and i was with the Harrison's (by the way does anyone know how they are doing?)I remember their... more
          • The HarrisonsDawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Thu Nov 9 5:20pm
            They retired (again) earlier this year. Send me an email at bluejeangirl25@hotmail.com and I will give you their cell number.
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