Re: just wondering if this was true??
Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:40am (XFF:

Way back when I was there, there were cars & school busses & a couple of pickups that were used on the farm. Yes MCH had a farm then & a ranch. The older boys could drive the pickups but only to run farm errands. Only certain of the office staff could drive the cars. They all had their own as well. Office staff (men) drove the school busses also....Mazie

  • just wondering if this was true??Kristina keeling harry merideth and perkins 99-02, Tue Apr 19 2:19pm
    Did they really used to have cars on campus for yall to use? Someone told me that when i was there and i couldnt beleive it.That wouldve been awsome..but i know if they let me get hold of a car while ... more
    • Cars on CampusPaula Shelton 65-69, Fri Dec 22 1:08am
      Yes there were 2 cars on campus for us to use. We had a person to give us lessons on how to drive. I remember the 1st time I was given the car I went out to lake waco and wrecked was also... more
      • Cars on CampusLisa Arnold 63-72, Sat Dec 23 5:21am
        Well hello Paula. It is so nice to see an old name from the past. How in the world are you these days? Do you remember me?
        • HelloPaula, Sat Dec 23 1:27pm
          Hi Lisa, I think so.......refresh my memeory. You know with age comes forgetfullness.......:0. Sharon and I live in Sacramento and have everyone is doing find. Where are you and what have you been up ... more
          • Re: HelloAnonymous, Fri Feb 27 1:31pm
            Paula Shelton and Lisa Arnold...OMG...This is Trecia Owens...Lou Owens Sue Owens, Lela Owens ans Linda Owens little sister...I will be 62 in April, I remember ya'll, do you remember me...Linda and I... more
    • Re: just wondering if this was true?? — Mazell(Hawkins)Stafford'45-'55, Fri Oct 20 10:40am
    • carsAmy Warner Gunn 85-89, Thu Jun 29 2:56am
      wow that brings back memeroies.I couldnt wait to take drivers ed so we could check out what was called a K car.I had so much fun when we took out a car.
      • AHHH the K CarJeff Keese 86-87, Sun Nov 12 9:30pm
        It seemed that was the goal of all of us older ones when we were there..The stuff you had to go thru to get it though, man..JK
    • carsStaci 83-85, Tue Apr 26 10:20am
      Yes, we could "check out" the cars for Fri. nights, Sat. afternoon or evening and Sunday afternoon. Of course they were just generic K-cars, but we sure did drive them. They also put us through... more
      • drivers edKristina Keeling 99-02, Tue Oct 25 9:50pm
        Well once we were 18 and in public school we got to take drivers ed
      • Re: carsAnonymous, Tue Apr 26 6:46pm
        Evening driver's ed-are you sure that is what it was called?Hmmmmmmm!
        • carsstaci, Wed Apr 27 5:44am
          Not sure if that was what it was called, but it wasn't a part of school, it was something we did with MCC from 6 to 8 in the evening.
          • Re: carsAnonymous, Wed Apr 27 6:34am
            Glad you had that driver's ed training. some never had access to a car years earlier as your probably aware . Ya'll were lucky indeed!
    • MCH CarsLori Levine 92-96, Wed Apr 20 7:33pm
      When I was in Independent (ST & Doss) we had two cars. One for the girls and one for the guys house (Harry Marideth). We got to use the cars for dates, grocery shopping, or whatever. We were not... more
      • independent Kimberly Fuller 91-92, Thu Jul 10 8:32am
        I was in independent in 92. The rules were the same on the van. I took my driving test in one of those vans and the brakes went out and I wrecked. I was so scared it was my fault and come to find out ... more
      • whoever was in harry merideth!kristina keeling 99-02 hm and perkins, Thu Apr 21 1:18pm
        Lol that is crazy...yea once when i snuck off campus we got picked up by the police and had to spend the day in juvi...just to end up right back at the home...5 days of restriction in my room, i... more
        • beerAnno (mid 90's) , Tue May 23 6:38pm
          It was still an "independent" boys unit at least until mid-97. Not positive who left the beer bottles/cans in the A/C vents but we had a few people that drank beer there.
        • The Big RivalsJeff K Bridwell 86-87, Sun Nov 12 9:34pm
          I remember HM being our arch nemisis. It was always who could get the girls or win in athletics. It was always a competition there.
        • Re: whoever was in harry merideth!James Pike 1987-1992, Fri Jun 30 1:45pm
          We all lived in Harry Merideth in the 80's and 90's. I believe that in the mid to late 90's they turned it into a female home unit. When we were there, we were the "bad" boys of the home. HM was the... more
          • its great to see people i knewAmy Warner Gunn 85-89, Fri Jun 30 11:49pm
            Its kind of great seeing people i knew post on here.Like Chris Davis,James Pike,Scott,But im sure nobody really remebers me cause i wasnt one of the real pretty popular girls.I was shy and quiet... more
        • Crazy to hear old stories!Ashley Cormier 99-02 Big H.M. & Prothro & S.T., Mon Feb 27 1:11pm
          Hey I guess there's not anyone else on here that I know...And that was a crazy night I fell off the cliff that night lol...ME you & Debra somthing or another..... We got into alot of trouble together ... more
          • hey!NATASHA CATER99-01, Mon Nov 13 12:49am
            Hey ashley cormier remember me lol!Dang talk bout old memories lol we ran away together at lunch!
        • What else did you find?John Voelker 85-91, Sun Apr 24 12:17pm
          did you find our buckets we used to make corn wiskey back behind the fence of harry merdith? I'm sure we forgot a lot of stuff there that we had to hide.I'm just glad we had cool home parents because ... more
          • remember me?kimberly fuller 91-92, Thu Jul 10 7:36am
            John and Scott do ya'll remember me? John, you broke me out. Remember Liz? Have you heard from crow? How about Michael? How is everyone? I am still in Houston. Where you never wanted to go. Get in... more
    • Home CarRay Gray 74-75/80-84, Wed Apr 20 12:00pm
      I never got to check it out but we had a "K" car that they would let us check out for car "dates". I think the rule was that you just had to make sure it was clean and fueled when you brought it back ... more
    • CarPastor Jennie Barnett-Owen 88=91, Tue Apr 19 6:54pm
      Yep. It was a huge old ugly car. One girl in Daisy had it a couple of times. She was a year or two older than I and was dating a cowboy on campus. Do you know who I am talking about Scottie? If I see ... more
      • Re: CarAnonymous, Tue Apr 19 7:01pm
        yea i whent there in may of 99 and it had been gone for a few years already supposedly some one took it and whent off campus and got drunk or something! i just didnt know if it was true or not.
        • Re: CarAnonymous, Wed Apr 20 12:02pm
          People back since I don't know how long all ways took the cars where they weren't suppose to and some even did go drinking. I guess it was the ones that got caught that caused others not to have the... more
        • carPastor Jennie Barnett-Owen, Tue Apr 19 7:21pm
          That may have been the case but rumors to spread like wildflowers there. What unit were you in? Were the Thrasher's still there?
          • Re: carkristina keeling 99-02, Wed Apr 20 1:46pm
            thrashers? no never heard...when i was in harry merideth for 2 years it was structured care..we had staff on shifts no home parents...then i was in perkins for a year and i had the millers and the... more
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