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Sat Oct 28, 2006 8:46am (XFF:

Jean, are you thinking of the Dawn who had brown curly hair? She went to the GC school as well? Let me know.
Also, I am still looking for Shirley. Elections are coming up and most of my friends in Denison who I need to talk to about her are in polotics.....and running.

  • Re: OkayJean Sayers (89-91), Fri Oct 27 9:43pm
    I think I may have confused you with another Dawn sorry.
    • remember mejune ewing 1970-1975, Sat Oct 28 2:02pm
      does anyone out there remember me?was june ewing have a sister debbie ewing.also still looking for micheal leon burson,anyone know how he and his sister teri is doing.thanks june.anyone want to... more
    • Re: Okay — Jennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 28 8:46am
      • I think soJean Sayers (89-91), Sat Oct 28 4:27pm
        I think that is exactly who I mean was she your roomie?
        • DawnJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 28 4:57pm
          Hi! she wasn't my roomie but Dawn and I hung out together all the time. She and I were basically joined at the hip. I kept thinking of her last name and I can not remember it! Shows how old my mind... more
          • I think it was...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Tue Nov 7 12:12pm
            I think Fergason... Fergison (sp?) was her last name. I remember people confusing me with her when I introduced myself.
          • Re: DawnJean Sayers (89-91), Sat Oct 28 9:21pm
            thats it Fergueson.
            • DawnJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 28 9:46pm
              AWESOME!!!! OKAY....if anyone knows Dawn Fergueson and or knows how to contact her....please let Jean and I know! Thanks a million!
        • DawnJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 28 4:57pm
          Hi! she wasn't my roomie but Dawn and I hung out together all the time. She and I were basically joined at the hip. I kept thinking her last name and I can not remember it! Shows how old my mind is.... more
          • jennie barnett-owenrachel, Sun Oct 29 7:38am
            jennie i think you were right.her named was dawn fergason.we had 2 dawns in daisy at one time.i cant remember but she shared a room with michelle mitchel.
            • michelle mitchellBrenda King '81-'83, Sun Oct 29 11:02pm
              does anyone know how to get in touch with michelle mitchell? she was my roommate in perkins unit. thanks. Brenda
            • DawnJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sun Oct 29 4:56pm
              I remember a Dawn that lived in Daisy with us Rachel but she isn't the right Dawn. This ""Dawn"" lived in GC and went to school in GC. She had a bob cut, real pretty curls, glasses and thin. Did... more
              • jennie barnett-owenrachel, Mon Oct 30 7:52am
                jennie i went to g.c. for the 1st. 2 years when i moved at the for as the girls that lived in g.c and went to school at gc,i remember dawn richardson,joanne davis,kay lee,patty smith,beth... more
                • ContactsArchie Hammond 1988-1993, Tue Feb 28 8:26am
                  Hi everyone, I've been reading this discussion and I'm hearing so many familiar names. I'm a former Rancher and it seems I'm the only one to join in. I remember the name Dawn and I think I actually... more
                • Re: jennie barnett-owenJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Mon Oct 30 11:21pm
                  What was the fish incident? Werent there 2 Michele's @ Daisy? I remember both Heather and Holly. How about Izzy? Joe? John and Jon? I know that Scottie was there with us. I would like to know what... more
              • Dawnscott mckee, Mon Oct 30 1:50am
                Hey Jenn, I think the Dawn you're talking about that lived in GC had a brother named Josiah. He was in the GC School with me. Actually, she was too. But she was in a higher grade. She might have had... more
                • Dawn Larrinaga at GCJulia (Julie) Sonka 89-91, Wed Apr 25 11:56am
                  Hi Scott, You are talking about Dawn Larrinaga (sp?) who lived at GC and had younger brothers named Josiah and Stephen. It was a very large family (17 kids I think), and I think some of the other... more
                  • how are you?Anonymous, Sat Oct 4 5:59pm
                    I have been trying to reach Dawn Larrinaga for a several years now. She's not on facebook since I checked last. I heard from a friend that she was married and had a baby several years ago and living... more
                  • remember me?Anonymous, Sat Mar 30 12:47pm
                    Rember me? Hey its me chancey pearson .... lol from Tom Mitchelle.
                    • ChanceyJulia (Julie) Sonka '89-'91, Sun Mar 31 2:01pm
                      Hi Chancey! Yes I do remember you, but I think you were still in Cora Lee or maybe had just moved to Tom Mitchell. I hope things are great with you and your sister.
                  • Larrinauga'sShirley Haight HP-87 to 95, Thu Apr 26 10:18am
                    There was Ester, she lived at Price her last year. Then Mariam, at Prothro? Dawn the youngest girl, she lived at Daisy Meredith. I hope they have better lives now than before they came to the home.... more
                • DawnJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Mon Oct 30 6:55am
                  OK. I attended GC school with you too. Am I right on her last name? I do know that her mom was passing away and was living on a boat in the middle of the ocean with her dad and their preacher. I am... more
              • DawnJean Sayers (89-91), Sun Oct 29 11:44pm
                The Dawn I am talking about was in Daisy for sure. She had curly brown hair and if I remember correctly her mom had died, may have even died while she was in the home.
                • DawnJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Mon Oct 30 6:49am
                  Do you think that the Dawn we are talking about moved into Daisy after I left?
                  • Re: DawnJean Sayers (89-91), Mon Oct 30 10:48am
                    I dont think so but not for sure
                  • rachel / jennie-othersTania Lytle- Cochran 89-92, Mon Oct 30 9:20am
                    Wow, there were names I just read that I had almost forgotten. Rachel, I think we lived in prothro or fondren together, but cant quite picture u. As for Dawn Ferguson, she and I were best friends for ... more
                    • Re: rachel / jennie-othersJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Mon Oct 30 9:53am
                      Tania, Rachel, Becky, I were all in FOndren together. Becky left first and went to Daisy. Tania to Prothro, Rachel and I went to Daisy as well. I don't remember Dawn being one to throw tantrums.... more
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