Scott McKee 88-92
nothing strange
Wed Nov 8, 2006 12:53am (XFF:

Now I lived in Harry Merideth for a very very long time...As well as all the other assorted Homeunits at one time or another. (Very rare, I think to get bounced around like that) I never once saw anything creepy or disturbing...Maybe it's cause we were a bunch of rowdy guys who never gave silence a chance in the house to be able to hear any weirdness going on. And we were always moving around the house at all hours of the night, ha ha, so anything that wandered amongst aimlessly in the halls would have been noticed. My guess is, those footsteps you heard coming up the stairs, was those made by a fellow resident who was returning from a late night stroll out on the campus. Least that's what would have been blamed if WE ever heard such noises. Not discounting anyones ghosty stories...but there's almost always an obvious explination when you have that many people under one roof at one time. Y'all take care.

  • ghostKristina 99-02, Tue Nov 7 4:21pm
    In response to the girl in the red dress...i had never even heard of that and when i was living in harry merideth i saw her in my room. (The biggest room on the left side of the house) Nobody really... more
    • GhostJohn Voelker 85-89, Sat Nov 11 1:48pm
      I lived in Harry Merdith for about 3 years and i don't recall any girl in a red dress walking around of course we were the roudiest bunch on campus so thats probly why no ghost wanted to hang out in... more
      • John VoelkerTania Lytle- Cochran 89-92, Tue Nov 14 8:51am
        Hey John, how r u? It's been a long time. Good to see ur still around. Talk to anyone lately from our time? Send me an email and let me know what you've been up to all these years and how life has... more
      • Hey JohnBridget Otte 85-88, Mon Nov 13 2:29pm
        Do you remember me? We were obviously at the home at the same time. I dated Jacques. Graduated 1988? Bridget Otte
        • Hey BridgetJohn Voelker, Sat Nov 18 9:43am
          Yes I do rember you a little bit how life treating you are you still in texas i live in San Diego Ca. its nice but cost way to much to live here well let me know how thing are going
          • Bridget & JohnRobert (Nichols) Tibbs 87-91, Mon Mar 3 3:53pm
            This is Robert I lived with Jaques and john and a whole bunch of other guys drop me an email.
    • nothing strange — Scott McKee 88-92, Wed Nov 8 12:53am
      • ScottKimberly Fuller 91-92, Thu Jul 10 2:10am
        Remember me?
      • Re: nothing strangeAnonymous, Thu Nov 9 11:54am
        House do leave behind spirits at times. When people don't know they are dead, died violently or just like to haunt us. Have fun and keep bringing the stories in.....
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