Remember Mee?
Wed Nov 8, 2006 8:53pm (XFF:

Hey it's me claudia just wanted to put it out there that i was in the perkins unit. Of the year 93-94 and i was with the Harrison's (by the way does anyone know how they are doing?)I remember their was a girl named Sarah and she loved the coler yellow and was in love with Marilyn Monro (don't know if I spelled it right?)And many other things but if anyone could just help me with the names of other guys and girls that were thier,at the time I would sooo be thankful!!

  • WOW!!!!Dawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Wed Oct 25 10:45am
    It is so good to hear from you, the email address is current if you want to email me. Yes I did go to New York! I spent two years there, before moving to GA and now back in TX, but on my way to try... more
    • Remember Mee? — Claudia, Wed Nov 8 8:53pm
      • The HarrisonsDawn (Robinson) Bennett 91-95, Thu Nov 9 5:20pm
        They retired (again) earlier this year. Send me an email at and I will give you their cell number.
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